3 Attractions Of The Palace Of Yogyakarta That MakeTourists Interested

The Palace of Yogyakarta – Have you ever heard about Keraton Yogyakarta or the Palace of Yogyakarta? It is the place where the Sultan of Jogja lives with his family. It was founded in 1755 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana I. This palace is strategically located in town, so tourists can easily access and visit this famous and iconic place in Jogja. 

If you use the service of a travel agent, you can choose the tourism package that includes the visitation to Keraton Yogyakarta. That way, your holiday is much more efficient. Why so? It is because the travel agent will prepare the whole thing for you, starting from entrance tickets, transportation, etc. 

So why is this palace so attractive in the eyes of tourists? Let’s check this out!

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The Museum of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX

This museum was founded for reminiscing about Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. It was founded in 1922 and dedicated to Sri Sultan IX who became the Vice President of Indonesia from 1973 to 1978.

Inside the Museum Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, you will see the table and chairs used for planning the General Offensive of 1 March 1949 in Yogyakarta. Besides historical things, here you will see the private belongings of Sri Sultan Hamnegkubuwono IX, such as watches, working tables, stationery, photos, etc. 

There is also an important statement written on marble. It contains the willingness of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta to be part of The Republic of Indonesia. The statement was written in 3 languages and kept in one corner of the museum. 

The Batik Museum

If you visit the Palace of Jogja, you will also visit the Batik Museum. This museum was officially opened by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X in 2005. Here, you will be able to see various batik motifs. The ethnic motifs are so beautiful that attract local as well as foreign tourists. You will also be able to see the pieces of equipment used for creating batik from time to time. 

So, when you’re visiting Batik Museum, tourists are not allowed to touch or take pictures of the batik. You can only see them. This rule is run in order to anticipate the motifs that are imitated by outsiders. 

The Center of Art Shows

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Jogja has so many things to see, explore and watch. Many special events are held in popular spots in Jogja. One of those spots is the Palace of Jogja. When you are visiting Keraton Jogja, you can see the servants of the court welcoming the tourists with their complete custom clothes of Keraton Jogja. 

In addition, you can join, enjoy or watch the performance of the art show every day in Keraton Jogja. Here is the schedule of the art shows. You can confirm them with the servants of the court you meet. He or she will give you the correct schedule.

  • Monday and Tuesday: the gamelan music performance
  • Wednesday: Golek Menak puppet show
  • Thursday: the dancing performance
  • Friday: the Macapat performance
  • Saturday: the leather puppet performance
  • Sunday: the dancing and puppetry performance

How to Enter the Palace of Yogyakarta

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There are rules to obey when you are going to enter Keraton Jogja. So, you need to know the procedures of how to enter Keraton Jogja, since it is an important place, so people must obey the rules. Moreover, the palace is used by the Sultan to stay with his family which is still adopting the sultanate tradition today. That is why people who visit must follow the available rules. So, let’s check this out! 

Do Not Touch the Museum Collection

Inside the palace, there are so many obsolete historical things. So they can easily break if people often touch them. You should pay attention to this, especially when you visit the palace with children who still love to play and run around. Be sure you watch them out when entering the palace. 

Do Not Wear a Hat

Why is it so? Well, this rule is meant to honor the family members of Keraton Jogja. So, if you wear a hat, you need to put it off and put it in the available spot. The servant of the court will guide you where to keep them, then get them back after you exit. Or, you may keep the hat in your bag if that is possible. 

Many tourists were not allowed to enter the palace because they insisted on using their hats. But, for Moslem tourists who wear hijabs or clothes covering the head, it is permissible, because that is part of their way of worship.

Take Pictures According to the Rules

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Although you might want to take pictures and be ready with a pro camera, you need to know and follow the rules. So people cannot freely take pictures. There are rules to follow. Every tool for taking pictures will be charged inside Keraton Jogja. You still can take pictures, but be sure you also follow the rules on how to take pictures inside the palace. 

Be Aware of Where You Sit

People who visit Keraton Jogja also need to be aware of where to sit. This is important to pay attention to. Inside the palace, there are signs available in order that people won’t sit wherever they like. There are also some parts inside the palace that you cannot enter.

Do Not Bring Something with Wheels

So, for those who still have a baby, please do not bring a stroller or even a suitcase or anything that has wheels. So, it is better to put them in the place available before entering the palace. If you do not follow the rules, be ready to be rebuked by the officers in charge.   

So, how far is your preparation for the holidays in Yogyakarta? If you use a travel agent, be sure the Palace of Yogyakarta is included in your destination list.  Prepare everything before you go. This is important so that you won’t miss or skip a thing. May your holiday be blessed and full of unforgettable memories.