4 Top Yogyakarta To Do List : Have You Done All Of Them?

4 Top Yogyakarta To Do List : Have You Done All of Them?

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A Yogyakarta to do list is a thing you must prepare before visiting this iconic city. Is it that essential? A big yes to it! Yogyakarta is a city rich for its uncountable beautiful tourist destinations. A list will surely make your holiday or trip becomes well arranged.

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From cultural to culinary to natural destinations, this city has it all. Which one is your favorite? Check some list below to find out the things you cannot miss when you are in Yogyakarta.

Visiting Gunung Kidul

Your Yogyakarta to do list is not complete without Gunung Kidul’s visit inside it. Gunung Kidul is a regency in Yogyakarta that is well-known for its stunning beaches. A row of exotic beaches with strong wind and white sand is waiting for you to come. It needs around 90 minutes driving from downtown Yogyakarta.

If you are into a natural destination, then this is the perfect answer. You can swim at Nglambor beach. Or else, you can enjoy eating tasty fresh seafood at Timang beach. You can also challenge your adrenaline by trying to ride a gondola at this beach. Psst…the gondola is hanging between 2 giant rocks on the beach.

Joining a Workshop

Do you want to come home bringing your own masterpiece? Join an artistic workshop in Yogyakarta. There are many workshops that you can choose: Batik, pottery, leather, or silver workshop. Go to the Keratin complex or Taman Sari and you will easily find many workshops that you can join in.

The courses will let you learn to make things from the material you choose. For instance, you are going to be taught how to make silver jewelry, a Batik ornament, or a leather-made purse. Write down this activity on your Yogyakarta to do list. Worth the time!

Having Museum Tour

If you aim to learn history, there is no other right place than the museum. Yogyakarta has several museums that you can visit. Affandi, Vredenburg, Sonobudoyo, and Monumen Jogja Kembali are just some of the names.

However, if you want to learn Javanese culture deeply, you can go to the Ullen Sentalu museum. There are many photographs showing Yogyakarta in the old times. You can also see many kinds of Batik and old yet exotic paintings as well.

Strolling Down Malioboro

A signature Yogyakarta to do list: strolling down Malioboro. This very well-known street consists of lots of street vendors selling many things that might tease your eyes. From traditional handicrafts to Javanese traditional clothes are here altogether. Keep your wallet close as you might want to buy so many things here.

You can also enjoy street musicians here. Guitar, violin, and traditional instruments together combine a very energetic harmony. Another thing that you must do in Malioboro is having a simple culinary tour. Gudeg is a must-try food when you are in this city.

Yogyakarta always has its own way to mesmerize anyone coming to the city. Bold for its cultural destinations, this city also offers other attractive things to do. Have you done all of the things listed above? Put them all in your Yogyakarta to do list as they will engage an unforgettable moment in your life.

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