5 Interesting Facts About The House Of Raminten Jogja You Need To Know

House of Raminten – Visiting Jogja has not yet been completed without visiting the House of Raminten. This is a super unique traditional restaurant that has won many hearts. It will win your heart as well for sure if you give it a chance. Come and visit a restaurant that today has opened another one in Jalan Kaliurang or people in Jogja often call it Jakal. 

The first restaurant is located on Jl. Faridsan M. Noto, No. 7 Kotabaru, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta. The second restaurant of Raminten is on Jl. Kaliurang KM. 15.5 Kledokan, Umbulmartani, Ngemplak, Sleman, Yogyakarta. So, it depends on your preference. You may choose the restaurant in Kotabaru or the other one in Jakal. 

The one on Jakal is more extensive, but Raminten in Kotabaru has different vibes although the same management runs it. Both have their uniqueness. Before fixing your schedule when visiting the House of Raminten, the following facts might make you more curious about the restaurant. Let’s check this out!

A Restaurant with a Unique Concept

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When you step into the restaurant for the first time, you will immediately feel a different atmosphere. The scents of hio or the burning sticks produce calming fragrance, the sesaji like the ones you always see in every corner of Bali. It consists of certain flowers and leaves. You will feel exactly like you do in Bali.

You might stand in line and have to wait in the waiting room. Here, you can enjoy sitting and watching TV until some tables are available. Considering this, you need to be extra patient, since this restaurant is crowded, even on weekdays. 

You will see the walking cashier who brings a wallet and is always ready to serve you. So after you order the menu, you can straightly pay and get the change from where you sit. The atmosphere will be much better when it is raining. The gloomy lamps, the music, the fragrance, and all are so supportive of each other to make the nuance even better and more comfortable. 

What does cross your mind when you hear the Raminten Yogyakarta? Is it the statue of a woman with her typical clothes and her big bun? Well, Raminten is more than that. There are more facts you should know related to this unique and popular restaurant. 

The Owner is the Successor of the Mirota Group

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When Mirota was opened in 1979, the Raminten Yogyakarta had not yet been founded. Mirota is the forerunner of Hamzah Batik. Formerly, Hamzah Sulaiman ran Mirota to continue his parents’ business. 

But, his love for batik makes him determined to preserve the cultural heritage by transforming the store into a batik store. He changed the name Mirota into Hamzah Batik so people will remember him. 

It Was Starting with the Television Activities

Hamzah Sulaiman played a role in one television program as a woman, called Raminten. That was exactly what inspired Hamzah to make the character of Raminten become his restaurant’s icon. 

He has been in the world of art and dancing since he was in school. The fictional character he played seemingly became popular in a program called Ketoprak for 2 decades later. Unexpectedly, Raminten became more and more popular because many events wanted her to perform. 

So, Hamzah thought that it would become a good source of income for his life. Then he decided to open the House of Raminten. Before you enter the restaurant, you will see a statue of Raminter in front of the door. You will also find the statue inside. Although Raminten is a woman character, actually, she is Hamzah Sulaiman himself. 

Hamzah Batik was Burnt

Although Hamzah Batik was burnt some time ago, this store has revived and revitalized its buildings. It has 3 floors today, complete with the House of Raminten restaurant and interesting additional parts. The business today has become a must-visit place when people come to Yogyakarta. 

On the first floor, visitors will be spoiled by various types of batik. You can find clothes, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, and many accessories. On the second floor, you can find many kinds of souvenirs for your friends, relatives, or colleagues. On the third floor, you can enjoy a cabaret, drawing studio, and restaurant. It’s like one-stop shopping that provides all you need. 

Unique Menus with Unique Names

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When you have found your seat in the restaurant with a cozy angle, it’s time to see the menus. This time, you will get attracted by the names of the menus for sure. Let’s check this out!

There are four kinds of menus available in Raminten Yogyakarta, namely main menu, dessert, side dish, and snacks. So, for those who only want to enjoy the atmosphere and have quality time with friends or your loved ones, you can select various snacks and beverages. What are they on those 4 kinds of menus? Here is what you can have for enjoying time in Raminten:

Main Menu

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Here you can have the package menus or the single ones. The package menu has 3 options, namely Songgo Langit, Nasi Tenong, and Sekul Pangkon. Each has different kinds of side dishes and of course, different condiments. It is yours to decide which package you would like to order. 

Each package consists of traditional foods that are made with rich spices so that they would surely spoil your taste while enjoying the moment in Raminten. 

If you want to enjoy the single menu, the options vary. Raminten serves many options. Some of them are soto, fried rice, rawon, sekul samirene, sekul samirana, capcay, gudangan, sekul ulem sari, pasugatan, tumpeng ijen, fried noodle, petjel, segoro amarto, and many more. 

Do the names of the menus sound strange to you? That is because you haven’t come and tried them. Once you try, you would probably want to return again and again. The atmosphere and the delicious food are a perfect combination that makes visitors feel at home. 


Before you enjoy the main menu, it is suggested that you also try the desserts available in Raminten. The names of the desserts are unique as well. But what about the taste? No worries. You will love them for sure. Here are some desserts available:

  • Melonkolis
  • Banana splits
  • Es krim bakar 
  • Durian pancake
  • Lotis
  • Rujak, etc.

Side Dishes

Your main menu will be complete with the side dishes served by Raminta Yogyakarta. What are they? Some of them are ayam bumbung, ayam geprek, peksi woro, bebeb ijo, bebeb piyel, gurame pecak, nila pecak, peksi dadari, ayam koteka, sate lilit, sate-satean, kremesan and many more. You must not skip the side dishes, because they taste good.


Enjoying Javanese music and snacks made in Raminten Yogya is definitely the best moment for relaxing. When you need to relax or escape from your everyday routines, come to Raminten and enjoy the tasty snacks. What are they? Here are some of them:

  • Ramitzza
  • Dimsum sapto roso
  • Siomay
  • Lumpia rebung
  • Risol Londo
  • Serabi kucur and many more.

Now, are you ready to try? You must try the beverages as well. The deliciousness is hard to tell. The House of Raminten will surely become the best choice to visit when you are In Yogyakarta. Complete your experience by ordering various menus for your enjoying moments with family, friends, or loved ones.

Yogyakarta will always be a place you’re going to miss because of its simplicity and uniqueness. Have a great and beautiful holiday!