5 Tourism Objects That You Can Visit In Pangkalan Bun Borneo

Have you ever visited Pangkalan Bun Borneo? The capital city of Kotawaringin Barat Region, Central Kalimantan is called Kota Manis being an abbreviation of Minat Aman Nikmat Indah Segar. This city saves some sweet destinations that are not exposed yet. You can reveal some amazing tourism objects to visit for travelers.

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Tanjung Puting National Park

It is not completely visiting Pangkalan Bun without coming to Tanjung Puting National Park. This national park with a width of more than 400.000 hectares being orangutan conservation in Kalimantan. It is not only exploring orangutans, you can also see some types of primates such as longtail monkeys, proboscis monkeys, some birds, and crocodiles in its original habitat. You will never get disappointed while traveling to this place. To direct to Tanjung Puting National Park, you can pass Kumai District being the entrance door of this destination. From Kumai, you will pass with a traditional ship down the Sekonyer River for 4 hours. One ship can accommodate 25 to 50 people.

Tanjung Keluang Nature Park

Tanjung Keluang is a peninsula located next to Kubu Village in Kumai District. This beach offers its uniqueness. This area is a conservation place for turtles especially hawksbill turtles. Despite seeing turtles, the travelers love eating seafood, you can find shells on this beach freely. To reach this white sand beach, you need to cross using a traditional ship from Kubu Village. The entrance ticket is relatively cheap at only 10.000 IDR. You can see the fresh wind of the Java Sea by relaxing on the edge of the beach. Don’t forget to bring food because it has no sellers.

Kubu Beach

This beach is located in Kubu Village being a gate directing to Tanjung Keluang. It doesn’t mean that this destination can be ignored at all. A majority of local people in Kubu Village are fishermen. Thus, you surely want to see the cheaper price of seafood on this beach than traditional markets. If you want to buy fresh food or cook, you can see it all in this place. Furthermore, Kubu Beach is very beautiful and enjoys the sunrise. The area is facing to the east making everyone fall in love with its elegance of the sunrise view.

Yellow Palace

The palace is built using ironwood in which it has no yellow color. Yellow Palace is taken from one room door called Dalam Kuning. The wood becomes a material making the door coloring yellow. It becomes a place to save historical stuff from Kutaringin Kesultanan. You can see spear, kris, jars, cannons, and 14 paintings. It will be an interesting painting. To paint all kings, the kingdom invites a magical painter from Java. Entering Yellow Palace will be welcomed by a palace guide telling the history of Pangkalan Bun Borneo.

Bundaran Pancasila

It is called to be Bundaran Pancasila because it is located on the top of the monument being town square located Eagle being an Indonesian state symbol. Bundaran Pancasila is a food center in Pangkalan Bun. Some food types can be found in this place. Some cafes surround this round. It will have a historical monument called Monument Palagan Sambi. This monument is made for remembering the first jump in Sambi Village. Those are some tourist spots with Orangutan Borneo Tour in Pangkalan Bun Borneo.

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