9 Best Tourist Destinations In The Special Region Of Yogyakarta

Special Region of Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta or people usually call it Jogja has so many simple yet exotics things to explore. That is why domestic and foreign tourists love to spend the holidays in this special city. There are 9 best tourist destinations in Jogja and we suggest you see and visit them. 

As we know, Jogja became the host of the Asian Tourism Forum (ATF) last February 2023. This is because Jogja is seen as a potential place with so many natural tourist destinations and its astonishing culture. So, let’s see the best tourist destinations in the special region of Yogyakarta and enrich your references. 

Keraton or the Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta

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The Sultan Palace or Keraton Jogja was officially built by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana 1 in 1755. This place is so easy to reach because it is located in the middle of Yogyakarta City. Keraton is one of Jogja’s cultural tourism. So, no wonder foreign tourists are interested in the richness of culture and history of this place. 

There are bunches of interesting things inside the palace, such as the Museum of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and the Batik Museum. We suggest you have a tour guide to escort you. He or she will tell you the complete and detailed story of Keraton and answer your questions related to Keraton and the Sultans. 

Taman Sari

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This is a precious heritage with beautiful buildings. For those who love taking pictures, Taman Sari is one of the best places to explore. Taking pictures of every corner of this tourist destination would be so much fun because the beauty of this place keeps historical moments. 

Once upon a time, Taman Sari was used as a place for recreation as well as for rest in the era of Sultan Hamengkubuwana 1 together with his empress, his children, and relatives.  This place was built in 1758 and had been renovated several times. But, the renovations do not remove the historical side of this building. 

Prambanan Temple

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Prambanan Temple is the biggest Hindu Temple in Indonesia and was built in the middle of the 9th century. Looking at the statues inside Prambanan Temple, you will be able to see the legendary and historical story of Ramayana. Still in this area, you can watch the popular show of Ramayana dancing with spectacular music. 

Borobudur Temple

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This Buddhist temple is actually not located in Jogja but in the district of Magelang. But, when tourists come to visit Jogja, especially Pramaman Temple, they also visit this tourist destination. Inside this temple area, you will see thousands of reliefs as well as hundreds of Buddhist statues. 

Besides the beautiful scenery of the temple, in Borobudur, you can enjoy tasty local cuisine. Your visit to Borobudur would be complete by enjoying culinary and taking great photographs. 


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Kotagede is an old town that has a lot of historical heritage. What are they? There are the kings’ tombs, the great mosque, and the former palace gate. Your holiday and your adventure in Jogja will not be complete without visiting Kotagede. 

The other attraction of this old town is its silver craft. You will be amazed by the beautiful and unique earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other silver crafts, such as home decor and wall decor as well as appliances and miniatures. Only Kotagede has this kind of treasure with so much beauty to see and explore. 


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This tourism icon of Yogyakarta is a must-visit place when you’re in this special city. Having a walk along Malioboro Street would be another unforgettable memory during your stay in Jogja. You can enjoy taking pictures because Malioboro and every corner have that exotic nuance. 

You may shop in Pasar Beringharjo or window shop at Terrace Malioboro where the street sellers now gather and sell their goods. There are food courts there in Teras Malioboro. When you get tired of window shopping, then you can enjoy good food and a good time with your loved ones. 

Sonobudoyo Museum

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Sonobudoyo Museum is the most complete museum after the National Museum in Jakarta. It keeps more than 63.000 traditional culture collections. If you want to explore this museum, it has 2 units. The first unit is on Trikora St./Pangarukan No. 6, across Alun-alun Utara Jogja or the north city square of Jogja. This unit is for the general museum. 

The second unit is on Wijilan St. Ndalem Condrokiranan or in the east of Alun-alun Utara. This one is for the script library. If you are interested in the past culture, tradition, and manuscripts schedule your visit to this museum. 

Sonobudoyo Museum has some display rooms, namely Wayang/Puppets Room, Weapons Room, Masks Room, Batik Room, Carving Room, Toys Room, Prehistory Room, and Bali Room. All of those rooms are structured in a kind of collection of philologic, art, science, ethnographic, technology, etc. 

Mount Merapi

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In Indonesia, there are more than 100 active volcanoes and Mount Merapi is one of those volcanoes that is often visited by tourists. It has so many attractions that make people want to come and explore. The height of this mountain is 9551 feet or approximately 2911 meters and is located in Yogyakarta, precisely, on the border of Central Java. 

When you are in the area of this mountain, you will feel the cool weather and the calm atmosphere combined with freshness and green scenery that comforts you. If you come with a group of people, you can do outbound in some villages in the Mount Merapi area or enjoy camping. 

You might not want to miss any single attraction of this mountain. Be sure you also watch the flaming lava from its peak. A view that is too phenomenal to skip when you are already in Jogja. One more tourist spot you should not miss is the Ullen Sentalu Museum. It is not far from the Mount Merapi as well. 

This museum offers you the combination of the beauty of European Gothic and the heritage collection of the Mataram Kingdom. You will not only be able to see the historical heritage but also learn about the life of the kingdom era in Mangkunegaran and Pakualaman Yogyakarta as well as Surakarta. 

Heha Ocean View

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This is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. From here, you can enjoy the ocean view from the height. For those who love to take pictures, Heha Ocean View can be the best tourist spot to enjoy. You will get the best background for your photos, you can have quality time and relaxation at the edge of a pool while listening to the calm live music. Isn’t that amusing?

Well, those 9 tourist destinations in the Special Region of Yogyakarta above are worth visiting when you are having a holiday in this special city. Bali Java Holidays Team will give you the best holiday package for you and your family if you are looking for one right now.

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