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Two Most Superb Places for Your Bromo Ijen Travel

Bromo Ijen travel is such a package, which not almost anyone could resist. These famous tourism places are filled with the various interesting spot to see and enjoy. If you never been in this place before, here we will share you a spoiler of what you can enjoy there. Please note that the following explanation we will share you below is what a three days tour was given by tour and travel company.

1. Arrival time

On the first day, it will be very tiring for you to start your journey. Therefore, you can make use of this time to set your arrival time. Take some rest in your hotel and prepare for the next day, as you will need your body in the perfect fit to start the adventure.

2. Enjoying the Sunrise in Mount Penanjakan

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Most of all tour and travel companies usually have this offer to the tourists. Commonly, at 3 a.m. they will start the journey to Mount Pananjakan. From that spot, tourist will be able to see the breathtaking sunrise with the young volcanic Mount Bromo as one of the most magnificent scenery to look at. Besides that, there will also be Mount Semeru as the background, which adds more beauty. After enjoying the sunrise, you can continue your journey to start your adventure in the active Mount Bromo volcano. After that, you can go down to enjoy your breakfast. If you would like to, you can also continue having your adventures on another spot beside Mount Pananjakan or Mount Bromo.

3. The superb Ijen Crater blue fire

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Besides Mount Bromo, the Ijen crater also comes as one of the most attractive places to see. Here, you can see directly the giant ferns and plants as well as big trees, which you will not find easily in the whole areas of Java. However, to enjoy this view is not easy. First, you need to drive for about half and an hour from your hotel (at average) to arrive on the parking area. After that, you will need another half and an hour to ascend the slope of the Mount Ijen. This is the only way, which can get you to the peak of Ijen Crater. Even so, it is not as bad as how you imagine. Along the way, you can fill your eyes with the stunning natural scenery. Moreover, the air there is also fresh and rejuvenating. You can also take a rest on the edge of the crater then enjoy the great look of the sulfate lake. This lake can reflect spectacular view, which is created from the wall surrounding it. As a result, it will look like a doom at a glance. Taking pictures on this spot is popular among many tourists. After descending the slope of Mount Ijen, you will be escorted back to your hotel. It means the time for having breakfast (or lunch if you arrived at noon or afternoon). After that, you can continue your travel time to Bali or any other tourism places you have made on your Bromo Ijen travel.

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