Bromo Mountain Eruption

Bromo Mountain Eruption

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We all know that there are some mountains that are still active to this day including some mountains in Indonesia. One of the mountains in Indonesia that are still active is Mount Bromo. For those who are not familiar with Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo is a mountain with an altitude 2,329 meters above sea level. Aside from being active, Mount Bromo also becomes one of the popular mountains in Indonesia due to its beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. Yes, many tourists come to Mount Bromo mostly because they want to enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset. Then, what about Bromo Mountain Eruption? As we have said before, Mount Bromo is an active mountain and sometimes erupts. If you want to go climb Mount Bromo, you might want to read this following information first about the eruption that occurs lately.

The Eruption

For your information, on July 19th, 2019, Mount Bromo had experienced an eruption around 4.37 p.m. When the eruption occurs, the height of the ash column is not observed. However, the seismogram is able to record a maximum eruption amplitude of 37mm with a duration of 7 minutes and 144 seconds. Fortunately, this condition was reported to be gradually returning conducive to post-corruption. Nevertheless, Mount Bromo at that moment was still in level II. All of the visitors, tourists, and even climbers are not allowed to enter the area of Mount Bromo within a 1 km radius of the active crater of Mount Bromo.

The monitoring of Bromo Mountain Eruption was done continuously until July 20th, 2019 at 6 a.m. The monitoring was done by recording the weather around Mount Bromo. At that moment, the weather was cloudy. Fortunately, the mountain can be seen quite clearly from other parameters recorded tremors with an amplitude of 0.5 to 1mm. As for the wind, it was recorded to blow weakly to the southwest, west, and northwest. Not only that but the Center for Volcanology, Mitigation, and Geological Disasters also recorded the water flow accompanied by rock to ash sand material. This kind of phenomenon is considered to be normal and has no direct relationship with the eruption activity. In fact, the flooding was caused by rain that occurred around the Tengger Caldera and the summit of Mount Bromo along with the eruption that produced volcanic ash.

The Center for Volcanology, Mitigation, and Geological Disasters also mentioned that the morphology of the Tengger Caldera is a low topography that is surrounded by hills so that whenever it is raining, the flow of the water will move towards the bottom of the caldera. Rocks will also deposit around the hills of the Tengger Caldera and the peak of Mount Bromo will contain loose fall products generally so they will be easily eroded by rainwater. The weather on July 1st through 18th 2019 was also recorded and the result was sunny and cloudy.

Those are a little bit of information that you need to know about Bromo Mountain Eruption. By knowing this, it is hoped that when you decide to climb the mountain, you will be extra careful and seek information regarding the eruption and the weather of the mountain.

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