Is It A Good Idea For Yogyakarta To Bali By Flight

Yogyakarta to Bali Flight : Is It a Good Idea?

Yogyakarta to Bali flight is a popular way that people take to visit Indonesia’s number 1 well-known island. A 698-kilometer distance is spreading between these two iconic tourist destinations. It is indeed a long way to reach paradise. That is why the popularity of Yogyakarta to Bali flight is in the air.

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Bali has its exclusive label as a holiday destination. No wonder, people from everywhere around the world come to visit this place, including domestic tourists. Christmas holiday, school holiday, honeymoon, babymoon, you name it, are just some of the many reasons why people go to Bali.

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From Yogyakarta, there are several ways to reach Bali. However, a plane seems to be the first option among all. Why is it so? Let us find out below.

Yogyakarta to Bali Flight : The Considerations

A huge distance between the places definitely becomes the primary consideration. A Yogyakarta to Bali flight cuts it off in such an efficient way. Imagine if you have 3 day-off from your office. Taking other transportation from Yogyakarta to Bali will drain your holiday time merely on the road.

Using the plane for your Bali trip from Yogyakarta is also beneficial when you bring your baby along. Less energy is spent on both the baby and the parents as well. All you have to do is searching for the perfect schedule that fits your baby’s napping time. That way, the trip will be much easier for the whole family.

Additionally, approximately 2 hours flight is much more convenient for anybody compared to 14 hours trip by train or a much longer time by bus. You can focus on the holiday or your occasion on the island rather than on the road. It surely saves your back and neck as well.

However, there is a price to pay for your Yogyakarta to Bali flight. All those ease and convenience will cost you more compared to other alternative transportation. The price for Yogyakarta to Bali flight is ranging from Rp 500.000,00 to Rp 1.600.000,00 depending on the season. There are many airlines with various flight schedules that you can choose.

How to Go?

Your Yogyakarta to Bali flight starts from Adi Sutjipto airport. If you are in the downtown of Yogyakarta, there are many public transportations that you can take. The easiest and the cheapest one is by taking a Trans Jogja. You can buy the ticket at Trans Jogja’s station. It costs you less than Rp 10.000,00. Within half an hour, you will arrive at Adi Sutjipto.

Otherwise, you can order a taxi. It is faster than the Trans Jogja. However, it will charge you far more expensive for about Rp 65.000,00 to Rp 85.000,00.  Another option is by taking online transportation which is on-trend. Simply download the application and you can directly order their services.

Air transportation from Yogyakarta to Bali becomes the option for many people nowadays. It stands for several logical reasons. However, whether it is a good idea or not to take this kind of transportation heavily relies on your needs. A Yogyakarta to Bali flight somehow can be your best option if you are seeking for the most convenient trip to the island.

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