Holidays To Bali Indonesia

Holidays To Bali Indonesia

Bali has numerous exotic beaches that are good for surfing, swimming as well as just lounging on the sand. So, there are many hotels situated on the beach which give exciting feelings to the tourists. There are many villages situated on the beach. These villages and hotels provide daily clean up and grooming of beaches. There are various factors involved for the quality of beaches such as seasons, location of the beach and the direction it faces. During dry season from April to October, beaches of Bali are best. Erosion is minimal at beaches on the western coastal areas including Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Cangu during this period and the lack of wind or offshore wind keep the beaches clean and relatively calm.


On shore wind deposits garbage and flotsam on the west facing beaches and constant cleanup is needed in the wet season. Heavy rains may deposit run off around the beaches, particularly around run-off streams that flow into the ocean. There are also some beaches here that are less affected by season. These beaches include Sanur and Nusa Dua. Although the beach strip from the Melia hotel to Nusa Dua beach hotel experiences seasonal erosion in the winter which results in a very narrow strip of sand; the sand which returns from the summer month?


Sanur and Mengiat at Nusa Dua areas are beautiful as there is an offshore reef that keeps heavy surf away from the beach. Along with these, there are many other beaches in Bali where you can spend by renting a hotel and make your holiday memorable forever. One of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in Bali is Nusa Dua from Hyatt to St. Regis / Geger temple which is known as Mengiat beach and Geger beach respectively. The most beautiful blue water, minimal vendors and white sand are some of exciting features of these beaches.


You can spend your vacation on these beaches anytime with staying any of exciting hotels. Moreover, you can also spend your holiday in Bali without booking a hotel here. For this, your accommodation would be in Geger village beach cafes or Segara villages which are usually open for the public. Then you can enjoy your holiday in Bali beach whether you are with your family members, friends or colleagues. If you are plan for your honeymoon, Bali would be one of the best and ultimate destinations for you. No any places would be much better than Bali. Hence, you must spend your holiday there.