How Do You See Orangutan Indonesia Borneo

A tour seeing orangutan Indonesia can be conducted in the zoo or wildlife reserve. However, this place is facilitating the tourists to see directly. You can learn anything like interacting with orangutan Indonesia Borneo in its habitat. It is located 44 km in Samboja Lestari, Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan. There will be some things that you can do in this conservation.

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The Ways Going to Orangutan Indonesia Borneo

When you get interested in exploring orangutan conservation, you can go to Kalimantan. It is the best place for the orangutan. The tourists only take time for 50 minutes from the International Airport of Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman, Balikpapan with land transportation. This tourism destination also provides a picking up facility from the airport by contacting it first. As you want to reach the conservation of orangutan Indonesia Borneo, you will rarely find a traffic jam on the street though you are driving a car on a busy time. Entering an area of Samboja Lestari Forest, you will see the natural view of the surrounding conservation. You will find rocky streets welcoming tourists when you enter a conservation forest.

You will hear the forest’s animal sound clearly when you enter the forest deeply. In a crossroads, you are seeing a signpost showing the destination direction like region zones and inns. The tourists will be taken to the inns and office. The tourists are recommended to visit in the afternoon and noon because it doesn’t serve tourists on the nights. The birds’ sound is welcoming the tourists in the first area in Orangutan Island. It has seven islands in this rehabilitation place for the orangutan. Two are opened freely for tourists. You can explore the area of forest for orangutan conservation in Indonesia.

Getting Close to Orangutan Indonesia Borneo

Do you want to see an orangutan closely? You can travel to Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan with Orangutan Borneo Tour. It is a wildlife reserve with a wide area located in the center of tropical forest with various plants and animals living in it. This park was established in 1971 as a conservation area and research. It has become an interesting tourism destination for domestic and foreign tourists. It is located in Kotawaringin Barat. To direct to a destination, it is easy to see orangutan Indonesia Borneo. To reach this city, you can select some transportation modes such as land, sea, and air.

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The tourists can enjoy an impression tourism sensation because the tourists can climb the traditional ship. It is such a ship design like a hotel in it. You can enjoy some facilities such as a bathroom, dining room, and bedroom so that the tourists enjoy the trip while enjoying the foods and watching the beautiful nature of the tropical forest. You can see rare and wild animals in this wildlife reserve. Even, you may see the rare primate, orangutan Indonesia Borneo. When you meet an orangutan, you shouldn’t get afraid because they love welcoming people. You should treat it better until they get chemistry with you.