4 Tips To Choose The Best Travel Agent For Your Trip From Jakarta To Yogyakarta

Jakarta to Yogyakarta – A trip should be filled with joy and comfort. Otherwise, it will only become a bad memory. One example is when we want to travel from Jakarta to Jogja. The distance between the two cities is pretty far. It is about 560 kilometers. So, comfort is what we need when having such a long trip.

If you are looking for the best reference for choosing the best travel agent for your trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta this is the right article for you. Read along and get the best tips for your trip. Many travel agents might offer comfort, but they also offer a high price. This can be such a great dilemma. Relax, let’s check these tips out!

Get a Clear Trip Route

The first thing you must pay attention to is the routes of the trip. We suggest you confirm it clearly. This is important because, without a clear route, you will not feel comfortable for sure. Moreover, you need to make sure the driver knows exactly where to go. The driver’s experiences will affect how you feel during the journey. 

Get the Best Price & Experience

These days, a lot of travel agents offer interesting things to attract customers. For example, low ticket prices, a cashback, and a certain amount of low price. It is reasonable for you, as a customer you want the best service at a friendly price. But, please be careful, do not easily get attracted only because of low prices or a lot of promos. Choose the professional and the trusted one. 

A professional travel agent will usually explain everything that relates to the trip clearly, starting from the destination, the routes, the transportation used, the rest time, and other facilities. They will also keep in touch with you and keep informing you of the updated news to give you the best experiences. 

Choose the Responsive and the Transparent One

The next tip to choose the best travel agent is the one that is responsive and transparent. We all know that every travel agent must have their own work system and rules. This thing will affect your trip although not directly. 

We suggest that you check and observe if they are open about the work system and the rules. For example, when it comes to payment, do they explain the facilities you will get when you choose a certain package?

Next is about the terms and conditions you must obey. A good travel agent will explain everything clearly until you understand. This should be done so that each party gets the same comfort and benefits.

A good travel agent will also serve you fast. As a customer, you have the right to get a clear connection with them. Every complaint and question must be responded fast. This way, a customer will have good trust and comfort at the same time. 

The fast response indicates that they are responsible and ready to help you solve problems. After a certain amount of money you pay for the package you choose, you have the right to get a good and fast response from them. 

Make Sure the Itinerary is Complete

This one is important for you to confirm the travel agent you choose, that is about the itinerary. Although maybe you do not take the tourist package, be sure your trip will meet the schedule. The reason why you give all the business to a travel agent is that you do not have to deal with ticket reservations, accommodation, transportation, etc. So, be sure they take care of all of those things. 

Next, we are going to give you some tips if you choose to go from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by plane. Here we go!

From Jakarta to Yogyakarta by Plane

In this digital era, we can easily book the transportation we choose, including planes. In order to avoid crowded and traffic jams, please do these following tips we recommend. 

First, pick the morning flight. According to a survey, morning flights are rarely canceled and the flight is not as busy as in the afternoon. The other benefit if you take the morning flight is that there is only a small chance for you to get stuck in a traffic jam. 

Second, avoid the holiday season. Go by plane on weekdays. In the airport or at the destinations you are up to, it will not be so crowded so you can enjoy your time more freely and comfortably.

Thirdly, besides taking the morning flight, you may choose the night flight. You do not have to stand in line to check-in.  At night, the chance is small for you to get into a traffic jam and it means you will have more comfort when heading up to the airport. 

From Jakarta to Yogyakarta by Bus

If you want to go by bus, this is our recommendation for you. First, be sure you have bought the ticket online or offline, it is yours to decide. The price range is from 200.000 to 500.000 rupiahs. 

Second, check the departure time. There are many buses that take the route from Jakarta to Jogja. Be sure you get the schedule that is most suitable for what you need. 

Third, if it is possible, bring enough luggage. Do not take an extra huge bag or suitcase although a bus may have huge baggage as well. 

From Jakarta to Yogyakarta by Train

This might be the easiest way to take because you can buy the ticket online and print the ticket at the station, then you can enjoy your trip. Simple isn’t it? You can buy your ticket online at kai.ac.id or download the app, KAI Access. How to buy the ticket? Check this out!

  • Go to the booking.kai.id page
  • Type your departure and destination
  • Choose the date of your departure
  • Choose the number of passengers
  • Click find and buy tickets
  • Choose your train, then click order
  • Choose the available seats and choose your payment method
  • Do the payment and you’re ready to go. 

So, how would you go from Jakarta to Yogyakarta? Is it by train, bus, or plane? Well, which is which, be sure you plan things well before you go. This is important because it will affect the rest of your trip ahead.