Meet The Wild Borneo Orangutan

Borneo is one of the regions on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. This area is very famous as one of the habitats of Orangutan. However, as the years went on, their conditions became more and more alarming because they were threatened with extinction. Therefore, there is also a Tanjung Puting National Park as a place for another wild Borneo Orangutan.

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In the national park, we will be able to find some Orangutans whose conditions are in the care stage. Usually, an orangutan whose condition is not good will be brought here to be examined and treated until their condition returns.

If they are healthy, they will be released back into the wild, which is in the Bornean forest. Even so, currently, their numbers in the wild are not many, even can only be counted using fingers.

Camp Leakey

Camp Leakey is a place where the Orangutan conservation project is carried out. Aside from Tanjung Puting National Park, we will also find wild Borneo Orangutan here. This location was founded by Birute Mary Gladikas, a big primatologist and founder of the International Orangutan Foundation.

Here various programs are carried out which will be aimed at the interests of Orangutan. Projects undertaken are like an understanding of the Orangutan as well as the conditions of the rainforest, as their original habitat.

Here is also a place of rehabilitation activities for orangutans who have been captured as a result of illegal poaching by irresponsible individuals.

Environmentally unfriendly actions are the main threat

The existence of orangutans that can only be found here and not found in other places and regions makes the existence of their habitat very easy to become extinct. Plus a variety of actions that are not very environmentally friendly, such as mining activities that change the condition of the forest as well as poaching, making the number of their habitat decreases dramatically every time.

Unfortunately, this condition has not received very serious attention, especially from the surrounding community itself. This is of course based on economic factors. Many surrounding communities end up exploiting forest land into plantations and mines to support their daily lives.

Unfortunately, this action is not balanced by various factors that will arise as a result of destructive activity. In the end, several parties and institutions that care about the environment and the condition of Orangutan are trying to empower and at the same time conserve with some wild Borneo Orangutan.

Meet and see Orangutan firsthand

It will be interesting and extraordinary if you can see directly an Orangutan. If you plan to visit Tanjung Puting National Park or Camp Leakey in the Borneo region, then you can use the services of the Orangutan Borneo tour later. Enough to just say where your destination.

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If you are lucky, then you will be able to interact with wild Bornean Orangutan there. Surely this will be something very interesting and very unfortunate if skipped or not done at all later. It is only in this location and region, your chance to meet one of the endangered faunas today.