Mount Bromo Weather

What You Should Know About Mount Bromo Weather

Mount Bromo weather information is such an important thing to know. if you already prepared any stuff and money to have a nice holiday but then unpleasing weather struck your day, it will just be wasted. Therefore, you need to know much about the weather around Mount Bromo if you want to have a nice holiday time.

1. The best time to visit Bromo

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To begin with, you need to know when the right time is to visit Mount Bromo. Well, the answer is during the dry season. It happens from April to October. If you make your time during November to March, then the possibility is high for you to get a rainy day there. It then means that you will just spend your time in the hotel. Climbing the mountain in rainy days is really not a recommended thing to do.

2. The temperature in Mount Bromo

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Related to the weather, it is also important to know the temperature there; just to make sure that you will bring the right outfit or medicine if you need special treatment for your body. To be true, the temperature in Mount Bromo could not be drawn in one number for certain. It can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius. However, when the sun is getting higher, the temperature will also rise and can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius. For that reason, it is suggested for any visitor to wear winter clothing, or any warm clothes if you visit Mount Bromo in the morning. It is also recommended to keep yourself warm in three layers. The first layer is a quick dry base. The second one is a thick fleece (wool jacket will work as well) and a windbreaker. The third layer consists of scarf and gloves. It will ease you to take it off when you feel the air is becoming warmer in the afternoon.

3. Drinking water

Even though the temperature is not hot, you should not neglect your body’s need of water. You need to make sure that at least you keep drinking for 2 liters of water at least during your whole tour. For your information, you will not find any water source along your way. One possibility to have it is only from some peddlers, which sells canned or bottled drinks along the trail. Speaking of drinking, you might be thinking of toilets as well. Actually, you will be saved, since there is a basic toilet along the trail. However, the toilets are so simple. So, do not be surprised if there is no toilet paper provided.

4. Camping

If you are interested, you can have a camping in Mount Bromo as well. There are some areas available. What interesting for more is, you can even witness the Milky Ways from some spots such as Seruni Point, Kingkong Hill, Mount Pananjakan or Mentigen Hill. It can be included in your tour. Usually, it will start around midnight and continued until the sunrise. However, this great view will also depend on Mount Bromo weather.

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