Tips And Guidelines For Orangutan Trekking Tours

Not sure when to travel to Indonesia? Sure Bali and other places can offer authentic beauty and pleasure, but how about some natural and wild adventures with fewer tourists and hotels? Orangutan Borneo Tour can give you all that. However, with less development and hotels, getting to Borneo can be a bit challenging, well at least not as easy as to travel to other more developed tourism objects in Indonesia. But with a little bit of challenge, your travel will be worth it. With some tips and guidelines, you will be ready to start your Orangutan Trekking Tours.

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How to get to Borneo

If you are from outside of the island, flight to Borneo is available, only on a less regular schedule and land in a smaller airport. The most common meeting point when you are going to Tanjung Puting National park where you can best see the orangutans in their natural habitat is the Pangkalan bun airfield. Tanjung Puting is also the place where Camp Leakey, orangutan research center, and rehabilitation is located. If you are already on the island, travel by plane and bus is possible. If you are from Java island, the closest city to Borneo is Semarang with the cheapest flights, and travel by sea is possible with a ferry.

Tips for Orangutan tour in Tanjung Puting

To start Orangutan Trekking Tours these tips will help you to make the best of your tour.

– As the tour will be started with a riverboat, if you think it is necessary to ask these things to the boat operator, do they have western showers and western toilets? (usually, they have Mandi using a bucket and plastic scoop to pour the water and a squat toilet). Also, check if they use fresh water instead of river water in the boat.

– Ask for licensed guide, as they will not only know about the animals, flora, and safety rules but also speak good English,

– Ask for a night trek, though it is usually not found in the tour itinerary the tour operator will provide this for free. Let them know if you want to do this night trek and you will have a chance to see the glowing mushroom.

– The tour will usually visit three feeding stations, and it will take around 1 hour. Make sure you leave the stations before others. This will give you a chance to have the first boat in cruising to the next stop. You will be able to enjoy the cruise even more.

– Consider bringing a mobile charger as the power on the boat doesn’t supply constant voltage.

– Bring your beer and coffee. The tour will usually be completed with the local coffee serving. The local coffee is served as an unfiltered coffee ground with hot water. Please bring your instant coffee or bring French press if you think you don’t like this type of local serving. Muslim custom does not allow you to buy alcoholic beverages in Pangkalan bun, but you can bring yours to enjoy it while cruising through the jungle.

Orangutan Trekking Tours will be a great adventure and offer different experiences if you know how to make the best of it.