Tips For Safe Yogyakarta Merapi Jeep Tour

Tips for Safe Yogyakarta Merapi Jeep Tour

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Yogyakarta Merapi jeep tour seems to be a must today when you are traveling to this city. By joining this tour, you will be brought to explore the foot of Mount Merapi and some destinations, such as Bunker Kaliadem and Sisa Hartaku Museum. This activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies because the track that should be passed through is pretty extreme. Since this tour is quite dangerous, it will be better if you follow these tips below to keep you safe during the tour.

Consider the Best Time for the Tour

The best time to join Yogyakarta Merapi jeep tour is during the dry season. During the dry season, you will be able to clearly see the amazing view of Mount Merapi without having to worry about the cloudy sky. In addition, the track will not slippery. You will spend around 1.5 hours for the shortest route and 4 hours to 5 hours for the longest route.

Wear Comfortable Long sleeves and Sunblock

The atmosphere in Mount Merapi is extremely dry because there are rarely trees in the area. So, if you do not want to get a sunburn, you are suggested to wear sunblock and comfortable long sleeves. It will be better if you complete it with a hat.

Do not Miss to Wear A Mask

Besides extremely dry, the condition in Mount Merapi is dusty as well. So, a mask becomes an essential thing to wear if you join this challenging tour. So that your mouth and nose will be kept away from dust and you will not get any respiratory issues. You can use a cloth or buff to cover up your mouth and nose if you do not bring a mask. If you do not have any, the tour service will provide it for you but you have to pay for it.

Pay Attention to the Jeep that You Will Ride

All jeep cars slightly looks similar. But if you are aware enough, there are some types of the jeep which are bigger and safer to ride. You can look for references on the internet about the safest jeep for such a tour. You also have to check the condition of the jeep that you will ride during the Merapi tour. Make sure the vehicle is in its finest condition so that you will not face any emergencies during the tour.

Joining the Tour During Rainy Season

There is nothing wrong if you join the Merapi tour when it is the rainy season. It will be more challenging and adventurous anyway because you can feel the water-splashing sensation. But you have to be extra careful because the track will likely to be slippery. Make sure you wear a raincoat when it is raining so that you will not get sick after joining the tour. If you get sick, you will not be able to explore Yogyakarta the next day, right?

Those are the tips to join Merapi jeep tour with safe. No matter how adrenaline junkie you are, safety comes first.

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