Uluwatu Temple Bali Indonesia

Uluwatu temple Bali Indonesia

Around forty-five minutes from the Airport, Uluwatu is one area of the bukit or “hill”, that makes in at its sounthernmost tip the iconic Uluwatu Temple. In the seventies and eighties the “distant” beaches Padang-Padang and binging were once the destination of dedicated surfers, but since their arrival a cottage industry of lodging bungalows and beachside cafes has been built up. Now, the area is full of fun, funky cafes and cheap accommodation that has been complemented b the addition of luxurious boutique resorts. There is also a stunning clifftop glass pyramid wedding chapel.

Determined not to be  subsumed into the homogeny of other areas the characters of Uluwatu drive their businesses with a personal stamp that retains a little of the outlaw, lawless, outback, explorer ambience that acknowledges very cleverly that although times might have changed, even the laid back surfer dude can move with them and run a successful business along with the best. Uluwatu has a great vibe on the beaches, in the surfe and at the bars. People all of over the world mighle with locals and wish they too could find life was just a beach. Looking at some of the local cafes you will see some visitors actually never left! Uluwatu has come of age, and in maturing has developed a character that retains its roots and embraces its futures – eco boutique hotels, cool surfing beaches and fantastic venues for love and food of love. Uluwatu infuses everything with a distinct “away from it all” flavour. The temple is the drawcard at sunset, with  daily Kecak Dance Shows in the now thoroughly modernised, and not as appealing, amphitheathre. The dramatic trance dances and “Kecak” calls of a pounding group of traditionally attired men is still mesmerising and a walk though the temple grounds, as long as you avoid the marauding monkeys by keeping everything in closed pockets, can be extremely meditative. Look outwards and apwards rather than at the tour bus loads of tourists taking “ selfies” to enjoy the sunset.