Unforgettable Cultural Travel Experiences In Malioboro Yogyakarta

Do you know the best thing you can experience in Yogyakarta? It is when you walk around the city and have one of the best travel vacations like when you visit the travel spots in other areas. There are so many interesting things you can find around the pedestrian walkway. You only need to look around to find the beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta. It feels even more amazing when you visit malioboro yogyakarta.

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Maliboro Yogyakarta: The Perfect Travel Destination

The Street of Culture

Malioboro is also well-known as the street of culture. This famous street is the location where many traditional events, festivals, and local cultural practices happen. Malioboro also has a long history. In the past, people used this place as the ceremonial avenue where Sultan passed through to and from the Keraton or the palace.

The name Malioboro also has many meanings. However, many people believe that this name derives from the name of the British governor that governed this area when Britain invaded Indonesia from 1811-1816. The governor’s name at that time was Marlborough. However, this is only one of many theories of the origin of Malioboro’s name.

As you can see, learning Malioboro’s history brings you so much fun and different experiences. But, most of the tourists visit Malioboro for one purpose. They want to enjoy the traditional market and products that locals sell here.

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Malioboro Street – The Yogyakarta Travel Guide

Malioboro is a street where you can find many traditional and modern stores. Each of them sells various products, from souvenirs to food. You should try many traditional foods here. They are not only delicious. These traditional foods also have different tastes than any food in other countries.

In malioboro yogyakarta, you also can find a unique food vendor. It is called “lesehan”. This food vendor uses the sit-down cross-legged style where you can enjoy traditional food. Most of them start their operation at night. While sitting here and enjoying your meal, you can see the beautiful scenery of Malioboro and its vibrant nightlife. It gives you the best relaxing time.

Other than the food, Malioboro is also the best place to hunt for batik you can take home as a souvenir. You can find the batik fabric, which you can use to make various things. Or, you also can buy various items, like bags, table clothes, pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, and more, made of batik.

Interesting Places to Visit

Close to Malioboro, you also can find several places to visit to enrich your traveling experience in Yogyakarta. The first one is Fort Vredeburg Museum. It was a building that Dutch used as a soldier barrack.

Then, you also can find the Beringharjo market. This market is known as Yogyakarta’s main market. It is so crowded. But, you can find many interesting products in this market, including traditional items and foods in Malioboro. Then, you also can find Garuda Hotel, the oldest hotel in Yogyakarta in a Dutch colonial architecture style here.

How to Go There and Get Around

Malioboro is close to Statiun Tug (Tugu Railway Station). It is within walking distance. Or, you can ride a becak, a traditional pedicab, or Andong, a four-wheeled horse-drawn cart.

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Andong Malioboro Yogyakarta

To get around Malioboro, you don’t need to ride anything. Exploring Malioboro on foot is the best. You can easily visit any store and eat the foods you want. Now, you are ready to explore malioboro yogyakarta. Enjoy the nuance and have fun with your family, friends, and loved ones.