Wild Orangutan Tours : What To Know And Expect

Visiting and seeing Orangutan in its original habitat may become one of the greatest experiences not everybody can have. That is why today more and more tours are offering tourists and visitors to have this kind of experience. One of the biggest habitats of this primate is on the island of Kalimantan Indonesia. It is easier even today to find many types of tour packages that will take visitors to see Orangutan in its natural habitat or Wild Orangutan Tours. Orangutan Borneo Tour becomes one of the most wanted tours for local or international tourists that are planning on exploring the country.

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Tanjung Puting National Park

Located in central Kalimantan, Tanjung Puting is a national park with an area of more than four hundred thousand ha as a home for many types of tropical vegetation as well as many amazing animals. Inside the National Park, Camp Leakey was established. It is an official orangutan foundation that was built by Dr. Biruté Galdikas together with former spouse Rod Brindamour and named after Louis Leakey, a paleo-anthropologist who was Dr. Galdikas mentor and inspiration. It was initially built as a refuge for the orangutans that had been rescued from capture, but now the camp becomes a research center for the apes.

To get to Tanjung Puting, visitors going by plane will land on Pangkalan Bun, a small airfield. From here you will be taken to board the Klotok (riverboat) in Kumai to start the tour to the National park.

Wild Orangutan Tours will take the visitor to this camp to see the primates in their natural habitat, as a bonus the daily wild orangutan feeding will fascinate all audiences. Not only as a research center, but this place is also essential because it plays a role as an area for orangutan conservation, protecting the endangered animals.

What you will see

While the name is Wild Orangutan Tours, visitors will also see other exotic primates such as Proboscis monkeys, gibbons, long-tailed monkeys, pig-tailed Macaque, Tarsiers, slow lorises, and leaf monkeys. Being a national park, this place is also a place for other animals like deer, leopards, Bornean bearded pig, even dolphins, and dugongs. Going through the forest, the outstanding plant diversity will also capture your attention.

The Weather and Malaria

Before you decide to join Wild Orangutan Tours, it is wise to know the weather to maximize the experience. December usually is the peak of the rainy season so it may not be the best time to come. Peak seasons will be around July to September as the dry season is on and you will find many klotoks or riverboats taking visitors to the camp.

Please notice that this park is malarial so it is best to consult with a health professional before you come. The professionals will decide whether or not you need to take drugs or have some type of vaccination regarding your health condition.

The orangutans

Most of the orangutans that visitors will see are the ones that have been rehabilitated and reintroduced. But wild populations of orangutans can also be found here. Some orangutans are born wild but come from parents that are saved and rehabilitated.