Yogyakarta International Airport Kulon Progo

Tourist Spots Near Yogyakarta International Airport

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Yogyakarta can be reached by various modes of transportation. Such as a train, car, plane, and many more. But if you depart from a place far away from the city, visiting Yogyakarta by plane can be a great choice. You will be able to save your time and your energy to explore the city. Yogyakarta International Airport is located quite far away from the city center, in Kulon Progo exactly. However, you do not have to be worried. Because there are many interesting tourist spots near Yogyakarta International Airport Kulon Progo that you can visit. Here they are.

Glagah Beach

The first is Glagah Beach. Glagah Beach is the nearest tourist attraction from Yogyakarta International Airport. You only need 10 minutes to reach this beach. If you still have many times to check-in at your hotel, you can spend your time on this beach. Here, you will be able to see a unique and different landscape because there are wave breakers along the beach. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset view on Glagah Beach. Perfect for your photo background.

Wana Tirta Mangrove Forest

Wana Tirta Mangrove Forest that is located in Kulon Progo can be a great option for you who love to update your social media with pictures. This mangrove forest is situated on the seashore and has become a favorite spot for many young adults recently. There are a lot of attractive photo spots that you can use to take your pictures, including the miniature of the Eiffel Tower. You only need to drive 20 minutes away from Yogyakarta International Airport Kulon Progo to visit Wana Tirta Mangrove Forest.

Kedung Pedut Waterfall

For you who love water activities and want to refresh your body after a long flight, visiting Kedung Pedut Waterfall can be an interesting choice. It can be said that this tourist spot is a hidden gem in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. The Tosca blue water will surely make you eager to directly swim. You will need an hour from Yogyakarta International Airport to reach this Kedung Pedut Waterfall.


The next tourist destination near Yogyakarta International Airport Kulon Progo is Kalibiru. This place is suitable for you who love natural tourist spots. This natural tourist spot in Yogyakarta has been a favorite for the last 2 years. Here, you will be offered a breathtaking view of a beautiful hill. When this place is not really crowded, you can hire a freelance photographer here to take your best moments. There is a high photo spot available in Kalibiru where you can take pictures and see Waduk Sermo.

Kiskendo Cave

Natural tourist spots in Kulon Progo are pretty complete. There is even a cave here named Kiskendo Cave. This cave is pretty unique because there are reliefs of traditional shadow puppets on the walls of the cave. The traditional shadow puppet tells a story about a war between Masosuro and Lembusuro against Sugiro and Subali. The length of Kiskendo Cave is around 600 meters. Are you brave enough to explore this cave?

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