Yogyakarta Travel Guide

Yogyakarta Travel Guide : Everything You Need to Know

prambanan temple amazing Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday PackagesIf you are planning to visit Java Island, there is a city that you should not miss that is Yogyakarta. The city is so unique where you can find harmonious between traditional culture and modernity. There are a lot of tourist attractions you can find there. Either it is beautiful places, old palaces, traditional culinary, or wonderful temples, you can find them all in the region. If you are interested in visiting the region, here is a complete Yogyakarta travel guide for you.

About Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is located in Java Island, Indonesia. This is one of the 33 provinces in the country. The region is so unique that it was declared as Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Region) by the Indonesian government in 1945. Indonesia is a republic thus each of the provinces should be led by prambanan indonesia Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packagesthe governor. But unlike the other provinces in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is led by sultan or king. The current king of the region is Sultan Hamengkubuwono X that also serves as governor. Yogyakarta is one of the most popular centers of cultures in Indonesia. Classical or temporary Javanese Dance, Gamelan, leather puppet, batik, and sculpture are some of the cultural heritage you can find there. Moreover, being located in the foot area of Mount Merapi, the region has beautiful scenery that will capture your heart. The citizens are also very kindly that you will feel that you are home.

Yogyakarta Complete Travel Guidance

If you wish to visit Yogyakarta, here is the complete guidance for you.

budha borobudur temple Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packages1. Transportation

To go around the city, you can use both public and private transportation. If you are not driving your own car, you can take Trans Yogya. This is a bus system that enables you to go around the city in low cost. But if you wish to explore the city in a different and unique way, you can take becak or dokar. They are traditional public transportation which will offer you unique experience of traveling.

2. Hotels

patung budha borobudur Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday PackagesAs a popular tourism region, you don’t need to be worried to find places to stay while visiting the city. There are a lot of hotels available all around Yogyakarta. Either it is the expensive and cozy hotel or the one with low cost, the city has it all for you. There are also homestays available everywhere in the city to save your budget.

3. Tourism Attractions

There are a lot of tourist attractions to offer in the city. You can have an adventure at Mount Merapi, embrace the magnificent ambiance of Borobudur Temple, enjoy the beauty of Javanese clssic dances, shopping handicrafts in Malioboro, visiting old keratons, and much more.

4. Restaurants and Culinary

If it comes discussion about culinary attractions in Yogyakarta, the city has a lot of things to offer to you. There are a lot of restaurants available there, both traditional and modern ones. One of the most popular culinary menus of borobudur jateng Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packagesthe city is gudeg. The food is so popular that it is considered incomplete if you visit Yogyakarta without tasting the food.

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