Yogyakarta Trip Plan On A Budget

Yogyakarta Trip Plan on A Budget

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Do you love to travel and explore different countries and cities? Then, it is worth to add Yogyakarta on your travel list. Yogyakarta is a suitable place if you prefer to travel on a budget. It is because this city is more affordable compared to other tourist destinations in Indonesia, such as Bali or Raja Ampat. You will be able to easily find affordable accommodation and restaurants in Yogyakarta. If you are interested to visit this city, here is Yogyakarta trip plan on a budget that you can try.

Day 1

If you arrive in Yogyakarta in the morning, you can start the day by having breakfast in Gudeg Mbah Lindu. It can be said that Gudeg Mbah Lindu is a legendary place to eat in Yogyakarta because Mbah Lindu, the owner of the place is almost a hundred years old. Gudeg Mbah Lindu is located near Tugu train station. You can choose between gudeg rice or gudeg porridge to enjoy. Both of them are super tasty, anyway. If you are already full, you can visit Curug Luweng. Curug Luweng looks similar to Antelope Canyon in the United States of America. What makes it different is the color of the rocks.

Make yourself refresh with the spring water that directly flows from Mount Sewu. Do not forget to explore various tunnels and niches hidden behind Curug Luweng. As an alternative, you can visit one of the most Instagrammable hills in Yogyakarta: Tebing Breksi or Breksil Hill.

Day 2

For those who love adventure, start your second day at dawn to witness the outstanding sunrise view on Mount Andong. In order to see one of the best sunrise views in Indonesia, you should start your day at 2.30 AM to go to Mount Andong. You need only around 2 hours to reach the peak of the mountain and get amazed by the sunrise view. Do not be worried, because Mount Andong is also ideal for beginners in hiking. To bring back your energy, you can opt to have lunch in Joglo Ndeso restaurant to enjoy Javanese culinary.

After that, if you still have energy left, you can raft in Karst Tubing Sedayu. Here, you will be able to have fun getting wet and challenged with the heavy flow of the river. Rafting in Karst Tubing Sedayu will make your vacation in Yogyakarta memorable.

Day 3

After spending out your energy in the second day, you can choose to get relaxed in Djemari Reflexology. Here, you will be able to get relaxed and bring back your energy with Javanese massages done by professional therapists. Djemari Reflexology uses traditional potions for massaging so that you can experience different and traditional reflexology. After that, you can go to Nguluran Beach. Nguluran Beach is getting popular in Yogyakarta today because it has a glass terrace which directly faces the blue ocean. A perfect place to get some selfie.

At night, you can opt to walk around the most famous and popular street in Yogyakarta : Malioboro. You can buy some souvenirs or have dinner here.

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