#1 Dieng Plateau Java Tour Reference For You

Dieng Plateau Java – Going to a place with cool temperatures and a calming atmosphere must be great for a vacation. One of the most suitable places for a holiday tour is Dieng Plateau Java. Why? This article is going to tell you the whys. 

Dieng Plateau Java’s height is about 2.093 meters above the sea. So, for those who love the atmosphere of mountains as well as the cold temperature, this place is a must-visit tourist destination. Be sure you include this amazing spot in your bucket list. 

The Dieng Plateau Java location is in Bakal Buntu, Banjarnegara, Central Java. Do you stay far away from this area? No, worries. This is going to be worth the journey. Ready to see the attractiveness of Dieng Plateau Java? Let’s check this out!

The Colorful Telaga Warna Lake

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The first attractiveness and uniqueness of the Dieng Plateau is the lake that it has. It is popular now among local and foreign tourists, its name is Telaga Warna Lake. For your information, this lake can change color every day. If today the water is yellow, tomorrow can be green, and the next day can be rainbow colors. It happens because the lake contains sulfur that will produce different colors as it is shined by the sun. 

Telaga Warna Lake is located approximately 2000 meters above the sea and it is the widest lake on the plateau. You can enjoy the beauty of this lake at the peak of Ratapan Angin Hill. While watching the scenery, you can enjoy the cool breeze from above the hill. 

The best time to visit the lake is in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun shines brightly. At that time, you will be able to see a colorful lake with marvelous surroundings. For those who live in a crowded city, this is the best time to relax and breathe the fresh air from nature. 

The Golden Sunrise of Sikunir Hill

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The next attractiveness you will see in the Dieng Plateau is the golden sunrise. For those who love to see the sunrise, Sikunir Hill is one of the best places to see the natural wonders. The hill is located in Sambungan Village, Wonosobo, Central Java. 

Besides the golden sunrise, from Sikunir Hill, you can see the views of 8 mountains in its surroundings. The breathtaking panorama will spoil your eyes. The beauty of those 8 mountains will surely make your jaw open. Visit Sikunir Hill when the weather is bright so that you can see the view clearly. 

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to climb the hill. No worries. The road you take is good and there is a holder to ease your climbing. 

The Charming Mount Prau

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For those with adventurous souls, the Dieng Plateau has a grandeur mountain – Mount Prau. Its height is 2.565 mdpl under the sea. It is so suitable for those who love mountain climbing. 

If Sikunir Hill is the best place in Dieng to see the sunrise, on the contrary, Mount Prau is the best place for watching the sunset. While climbing, you can see an overlay of lovely wildflowers that is beautiful for your photo background. Moreover, you can see Telaga Warna Lake from the peak of Mount Prau. Isn’t it interesting?

The Historical Arjuna Temple

Besides its natural panorama, you can see the Dieng Plateau Java History in the Arjuna Temple. There are 5 temples in the cluster of Arjuna Temple, namely Arjuna Temple, Semar Temple, Sembadra Temple, Puntadewa Temple, and Srikandi Temple. Those 5 temples were built grandeurly in a straight line. 

The 5 temples are the legacy of the ancient Mataram Kingdom in the Dieng Plateau. The Arjuna Temple is surrounded by fields of grass and beautiful scenery. Remember to take pictures or videos to take home and watch later. That can be a fun activity after having a memorable holiday tour. 

The Unique Sikidang Crater

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Sikidang Crater was formed by the volcanic activities of Mount Prau years ago. This crater is located in plain land, so people can easily reach it. You can see it produces exploding mud as well as a white gas in the air. 

Besides its volcanic activities, Sikidang Crater is famous for its uniqueness. This crater is as if moving from one place to another once in four years. This fact makes local and foreign tourists curious and want to see the phenomenon with bare eyes. 

The Dieng View Point

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This location has become a favorite alternative for many people. Here, you can see the golden sunrise, and you don’t have to climb Sikunir Hill. almost every morning the Dieng View Point is visited by many people who want to see the beautiful sunrise. 

On this spot, you can also see a bluish hill view covered by thin fog and villages in the East. While in the South, you can see Mount Sindoro stand tall in its grandeur. When you are here, you will feel as if in a country above the clouds. That is why Dieng Plateau is known as a country above the clouds.

So now, have you decided when you will have the holiday tour? It is suggested that you plan the whole thing well, including the holiday budget to avoid excess outcomes during the holiday. For those who are having a holiday in Jogja and want to continue their tour from Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau, our team is ready to help. 

Meanwhile, when you’re preparing the holiday budget plan, you can list things you will bring for the holiday tour. Things like medicine, extra clothes, sunblock, and a camera are crucial. This is going to be an adventurous and memorable journey, so be sure you remember to take Dieng Plateau photos and videos. 

If you want to discuss the Dieng Plateau Java holiday tour, contact us anytime you’re ready. Our team will be glad to answer all of your questions related to the holiday packages. No worries. You only need to get ready with luggage and budget, our professional team will set things ready for you.