Prambanan Temple And Yogyakarta City Tour


Having a vacation to Yogyakarta is never boring. It has some amazing places to visit and explore. Yogyakarta is rich in historical sites to reveal. One of the sites is Prambanan Temple being the biggest Hinduism temple in Indonesia. Prambanan Temple was founded and built since the 9th decade. It has many historical things about this great temple. Prambanan Temple and Yogyakarta city tour becomes a good leading package when you want to explore the beauty of this temple.

At the beginning, we will take you to visit Keraton Yogyakarata. Located in the city centre, Keraton Yogyakarta offers museum activities. you will walk around Keraton Yogyakarta accompanied by local tour guide (called abdidalem) who’s actually serve for the Keraton and its loyal family of Yogyakarta. Exploring Keraton Yogyakarta along with abdidalem, you will unfold history of Javanesse people from centuries ago. Building and historical items which used by royal family has been kept in this place to reminds of Javanesse culture origin. In a certain day, you may enjoy Javanesse ceremonial or ritual activity inside the Keraton Yogyakarta, such as traditional music and dancing show. We also take you further to Tamansari Royal Bathing, located nearby Keraton. Tamansari is a bathing palace that used by royal family since centuries ago. Now stands as museum as its no longer used by Royal Family.

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After visiting Keraton and Tamansari Yogyakarta, we will take you to take delicious lunch of Javanese food, located at local restaurant around. Then we will take you to eastern side of Yogyakarta to visit Prambanan Temple in the afternoon.

prambanan temple and yogyakarta city tour Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packages

Known as the biggest Hinduism temple compounds, Prambanan temple is a symbol of Hinduism culture that reigns since 9th centuries in Java. Prambanan contains rich histories and Hinduism teaching within its building and sculpture. Not only that, Prambanan Temple offers magnificent view and high value of architecture from 9th centuries ago. You will explore Prambanan by walk, takes 2 hours to fully explore. You will be accompanied by local tour guide, who will guide you through-out its meaning and every angle of beautiful view over prambanan. Exploring Prambanan during sunset is such a perfect time, as the sunshine at dusk will light up the temple. Capture and enjoy your best moment on one of the best historical sites of Indonesia.

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After visiting Prambanan, we will take you back to your hotel as drop off service. You may ask your driver to make stop to have dinner before drop off. Follow your driver/tour leader suggestion to have best option of Indonesia cuisine for your dinner.


– Pick up at hotel
– Transfer to Keraton Yogyakarta
– Explore (Keraton & Tamansari Yogyakarta)
– Lunch
– Transfer to Prambanan temple
– Explore prambanan temple
– Dinner
– Drop off service


– Private car (Full AC) during tour
– English speaking driver
– Petrol, parking & donation
– Entrance tickets ALL destination on program
– Well experienced tour guide on destination
– Pick up and drop off service
– Mineral water during tour


– Meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6287755516005

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Prambanan Temple And Yogyakarta City Tour