Borobudur Prambanan Temple And Jomblang Cave Tour 2 Days

Yogyakarta Itinerary 2 Days : Borobudur Prambanan Temple and Jomblang Cave Tour

Do you want to look for the best destination place in Yogyakarta? If you interest to go to Yogyakarta, we suggest you visit Borobudur Prambanan Temple and Jomblang Cave Tour 2 days. These destinations become one of the best interesting places you have to visit in Yogyakarta. In this recount text, we will share this itinerary. Here are the best activities and experiences you will get when you visit in Yogyakarta.

Day 01: Borobudur Sunrise – Lava Tour Merapi – Prambanan Temple

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When you come to Yogyakarta, you have to visit Borobudur Temple, Lava Tour Merapi, and also Prambanan Temple. These destinations are the best place you have to visit. Starting at 4.00 am, we will take you to the best destination as the biggest temple in the world (Borobudur Temple). Borobudur temple as you know that most of the visitors who come to Yogyakarta want to visit this place. Borobudur temple is the biggest temple proclaimed by UNESCO as the heritage place. Borobudur temple is also known as the largest Buddhist monument that builds on the 9th century.

Borobudur Sunrise

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Every people want to visit this place because this place not only has high artistic values but also becomes the historical place of human civilization with philosophical values. What you have to know about Borobudur Temple relating to the concept maker is this temple has a Mandala concept that symbolized the cosmology of Buddha teaching. When you come to this place, I believe that you will get many experiences relating to the historical meanings. Besides, you can memorize your experiences or activities here when sunrise comes to get the best picture in here.

Lava Tour Merapi

Afterward, near the Borobudur temple, on the northern side of Yogyakarta, you can visit Merapi Mountain. The best interesting in this place is you will know Merapi Volcano’s foot that still active until today. When you want to visit this place, you can join the Merapi Lava Tour that provides the best interesting activities in Yogyakarta. You can explore all of the side of Merapi volcano’s foot by 4WD car.

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Driving every step of Merapi volcano’s steps around the village will give you the best activities in Yogyakarta. You can think again about the activity that happened in 2010. When you feel tired to explore it, you can visit the small museum near the Merapi Volcano’s foot. This museum builds to remind every people who come in this place to remind the eruption that happens in Yogyakarta especially in Merapi Mountain.

Prambanan Temple

In the last of your journey or your experiences, the driver will take you the other most beautiful places named Prambanan Temple. Before it, you have to take lunch at the local restaurant. After you finish your lunch, we will continue to take you to the Prambanan Temple. As you know that Prambanan Temple is the biggest Hinduism Temple in Indonesia. In this place destination, you will be accompanied by a tour guide who gives you the information related to Prambanan Temple.

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Here, besides you can get the information about Prambanan Temple, you can also find the beauty and magnificent sculpture of Prambanan Temple. In this place, you can also take a picture on every side of the Prambanan Temple. It is because, in this place, you can easily find the best side to get the picture.

Day 02: Jomblang Cave – Timang Beach

On the second day, the driver will pick you at 7.00 am. So, you have to prepare before 07.00 am because at that time the driver will pick you up at the hotel. After that, the driver will take you to the next destination and drive you directly to Jomblang Cave Basecamp. It will need around 2 hours from the hotel to the Jomblang Cave.

Jomblang Cave

In this place, you have to know important things like you can use sandals but make sure you also use socks. When you use it, try to choose long socks because to avoid a muddy ground. After you arrive in Jomblang Cave, you will be handled by professional cave base camp so that you don’t need to be afraid when you visit this destination place. Besides it, you don’t need to be confused about the preparation because all of the preparations and the activities have supervised by the instructor there.

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In this place, you will be starting the tour at 10.00 am. In there, you will get the best activity like rappelling down the cave about 50 meters and you have to take a walk inside the cave following the muddy path. When you look at the spot, you will see the lighting through the roof that is known as “light from heaven”. Try to take a picture here so that you can memorize your best experience here.

Timang Beach

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After that, you will take to the south of Yogyakarta to visit Timang Beach. Have you ever heard about this destination place? Timang Beach is the best beach that you have to visit when you come to Yogyakarta. When you arrive at the parking area, you would be shuttled by 4WD Car to get to the shoreline. At this beach, you can easily enjoy your activity like crossing the sea by Gondola. The gondola is a kind of cable car that can make you enjoy the rough and wave sea. Here, you can also easily take a picture and memorize your beat experience.


Day 01 : Borobudur temple – Lava tour Merapi – Prambanan temple

– Pick up at hotel / requested location
– Drive to Borobudur temple
– Visit Borobudur temple (sunrise sightseeing)
– Transfer to Merapi
– Lava tour Merapi activity by 4WD car
– Lunch
– Visit Prambanan temple (sunset sightseeing)
– Transfer back to hotel
– Check in hotel
– Free leisure

Day 02 : Jomblang cave – Timang beach

– Breakfast at hotel
– Transfer to Jomblang
– Jomblang caving activity
– Lunch
– Transfer to Timang Beach
– Visit Timang Beach
– Drive to Yogyakarta city
– Drop off service


– Private car (Full AC) during tour
– English speaking driver
– Petrol, parking, donation
– Mineral water during tour
– Entrance tickets ALL destination on program
– Temple Tour Guide (Borobudur & Prambanan)
– Pick up and drop off service
– 4WD car shuttle service (Timang Beach)
– Safety equiptment (Jomblang Cave)
– Caving Instructor (Jomblang Cave)
– Lunch day 2


– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance
– Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
– Accommodation

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6287755516005

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Borobudur Prambanan Temple And Jomblang Cave Tour 2 Days