Jomblang Cave Kalibiru And Yogyakarta City Tour 2 Days

Yogyakarta itinerary 2 days : Jomblang cave Kalibiru and Yogyakarta city tour

If you are looking for a popular tourist destination where you can find challenging adventures as well as learn about culture, Yogyakarta will be one of the best options to take. Being located on Java Island, Yogyakarta is a region where people can live in the harmony of modernity and traditions. The city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia with strong cultural heritage, historical buildings, and wonderful natural attractions. Joining in a two-day Jomblang, Kalibiru, and Yogyakarta city tour will be a great idea to enjoy your holiday there. You will be amazed by the beauty of the city and the adventurous tourisms offered.

Day 01 : Jomblang Cave – Timang Beach

On the first day of your tour, you are scheduled to leave your hotel early in the morning at 07.00, right after breakfast. A driver will pick you up in your hotel in Yogyakarta for an adventurous tour in Jomblang Cave. The journey from your hotel to the cave will take about 2 hours. You will find jaw-dropping scenic views along your way from the city center to Jomblang Cave. Arriving in the tourist location, you will get instructions from a professional and certified tour guide.

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Jomblang is a vertical cave with a challenging trek to explore. You will be taken to the 50 meters deep of the cave in a thrilling adventure. Going down to the cave, you will find a lush green forest inside it. For years, the cave has become the home of the same natural vegetation you will find on the land above it. A professional tour guide will take you to follow the muddy trek to reach the center of the cave. Inside the Jomblang Cave, you will find a breathtaking scenery lighten up by sun rays that go through the roofs’ cave. This wonderful natural phenomenon is also called “light from heaven” by the cave explorers. You will have your delicious and enjoyable lunch served by the friendly and professional staff of Jomblang Cave.

After the challenging adventure in Jomblang Cave, you will continue your tour to the south of part of Yogyakarta. There, the driver will take you to visit untouched-before beach of Timang. This beautiful pristine white beach is an ideal place to relax after the thrilling visit to Jomblang Cave. Enjoy yourself soaking in the crystal clear water of Timang Beach. You can also lay down on soft white sands to get your skin naturally tanned there.

If swimming and sun-bathing become too ordinary, you can choose to enjoy the beach in different ways. As an alternative, you can explore Timang Beach by riding a 4WD car. Just go through the unique rock formations you can find around the beach.

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For a more challenging adventure in Timang Beach, you can take a cable car (gondola) to cross the sea. The gondola will take your further to the middle of the beach within strong and rough waves just beneath. You can also take another option to explore the beach simply by walking through a beach. This is a beach established by local people and has become one of the most favorite photo spots for tourists who come to the beach. Don’t forget to capture your best moments in Timang Beach with your camera. You will have much time to enjoy the beach until the late afternoon. This will give you the best chance to enjoy a stunning sunset with the Javanese Sea and beautiful white sands as the background. After that, your driver will take you back to your hotel for dinner and free leisure. End of the first day of your tour.

Day 02: Kalibiru – Yogyakarta City Tour

For the second day itinerary, you will be picked up from your hotel just after breakfast and taken to Keraton Yogyakarta. There, you will get a closer look at the traditional palace where Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (the reigning king of Yogyakarta) and his family live. You will be guided by a friendly palace staff, called “abdi dalem” when exploring Keraton Yogyakarta. You will be in the good hand to tell you the history of Keraton Yogyakarta as well as the cultures and traditions of Javanese people. Going inside the palace area, you will also see the marvelous ancient Javanese architecture applied to all around the buildings’ walls and structures.

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From Keraton Yogyakarta, you will head to another palace nearby, called Tamansari. The palace was specially built for the female members of the reigning sultan. Tamansari was also used as the royal bathing area for wives and daughters of the king. That’s why, except the king himself, males were not allowed to enter Tamansari in the past.

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After adoring the beauty design and landscape of Tamansari Palace, your tour will continue to Kalibiru National Park. Being located in the southwest of Yogyakarta, you will need about 1.5 hours to reach the destination. It is a beautiful place surrounded by dense forests. The Menoreh Mountain that becomes the background of the park, makes the overall view of Kalibiru more fantastic.

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To reach the national park, you need to go uphill. Reaching the top of the hill, you will find a beautiful lake and the scenic views around it are exceptionally spectacular. At the end of your tour to Kalibiru, you will have your dinner served by a local restaurant. Then, you can ask your driver to drop you off to any preferable location of your request before giving up the tour service.


Day 01 : Jomblang cave – Timang beach

– Pick up at hotel / requested location
– Transfer to Jomblang cave
– Jomblang caving activity
– Lunch
– Transfer to Timang Beach
– Visit Timang Beach
– Drive to Yogyakarta city
– Check in hotel & free leisure

Day 02 : Keraton & Tamansari – Kalibiru Yogyakarta

– Breakfast at hotel
– Visit Kraton & Tamansari Yogyakarta
– Drive to Kalibiru Yogyakarta
– Lunch
– Explore Kalibiru Yogyakarta
– Drive to Yogyakarta city
– Drop off service


– Private car (Full AC) during tour
– English speaking driver
– Petrol, parking & donation
– Mineral water during tour
– Entrance tickets ALL destination on program
– Local tour guide at Keraton
– 4WD car + driver to explore Merapi (lava tour)
– 4WD car shuttle service (Timang Beach)
– Safety equiptment (Jomblang Cave)
– Caving Instructor (Jomblang Cave)
– Pick up and drop off service
– Lunch day 1


– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance
– Meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
– Accommodation

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6287755516005 –

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Jomblang Cave Kalibiru And Yogyakarta City Tour 2 Days