Prambanan Temple And Jomblang Cave Tour 2 Days

Yogyakarta itinerary 2 days : Prambanan sunset and Jomblang cave tour

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has many great things to offer. There will be almost unlimited options you can do when you want to arrange a tour there. Prambanan sunset and Jomblang Cave tour is one of the best tour ideas you can try. During the tour, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from an ancient Hindu temple. Your adrenaline will also be challenged by exploring a deep Jomblang Cave. For your unforgettable tour in Yogyakarta, here is the 2-day itinerary to help you enjoy your holiday in the city.

Day 01 : Yogyakarta City Tour – Lava Tour Merapi – Prambanan Sunset

The first day of your tour will be started by exploring places in the center of Yogyakarta that become icons of the city. You will be picked up at 7.30 at your hotel in the city just after breakfast. Then, you will be taken on a drive to Keraton Yogyakarta. This is an ancient palace of the Yogyakarta royal family. Today, the palace is the official residence of the current Sultan (King) of Yogyakarta and his family. Entering the palace area, you will be amazed by Javanese traditional architecture that becomes its main construction.

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On your tour, you will be guided by the palace staff that often called “abdidalem”. Not only serve the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family but they are also used to act as tour guides for visitors who come to the palace. Just go around to see historical pieces kept inside Yogyakarta Palace. Visiting Keraton Yogyakarta will give you a deeper look at the Javanese culture and heritage. After exploring the royal palace of Yogyakarta, you will head to Tamansari Palace which is located nearby. This is another popular iconic spot in Yogyakarta that visited by hundreds of tourists every day.

Unlike Keraton Yogyakarta that still becomes the official royal residential, Tamansari is not occupied by any member of the Yogyakarta royal family. The palace was specially designed for female members of the reigning Sultan of Yogyakarta. There was no man allowed to enter Tamansari expect the king himself. Tamansari Palace was also popular as a royal bathing area for Sultan’s wives and daughters. Though the Tamansari is not used anymore, the palace still becomes a magnet for visitors. The palace has a fantastic design and the landscape is also beautiful.

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After visiting Tamansari Palace, your tour will be continued to the slope of Mount Merapi in the northern part of Yogyakarta. You will have an enjoyable traditional lunch at a local restaurant on your way to the volcano’s foot. As one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Merapi has attracted many tourists. In 2010, Mount Merapi erupted and caused thousands of people to lose houses and life. It was considered to be one biggest volcano eruption in the 21st century. In this tour, you will be taken on a safari to explore the affected areas on the slope of Mount Merapi by riding a 4WD car.

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After exploring the damaged areas around Mount Merapi because of its last big eruption, you will head to Prambanan Temple. This is a magnificent ancient Hindu Temple with a history that can be traced back to the 9th century. Being constructed during the reign of the Isyana Dynasty, Prambanan Temple is a prominent Hindu temple in Indonesia. The long history and jaw-dropping construction of the temple put Prambanan under the protection of UNESCO. There will be 240 temples in various sizes that you can find in the complex of Prambanan with Siwa Temple becomes the largest.

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The late visit to the ancient complex will give you an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful sunset with the magnificent Prambanan Temple as the background. After that, you will be driven back to your hotel for dinner and comfortable rest. This will be the end of your first-day tour in Yogyakarta.

Day 02 : Jomblang Cave – Timang Beach

The second day of your Prambanan sunset and Jomblang Cave tour will be started at 07.00. Your driver will pick you up at your hotel and then take you to a 2.5-hour of driving to the basecamp of Jomblang Cave. There, you will get instructions from a professional guide just before starting your adventure to the deep of the cave at 10.00 a.m. Jomblang Cave comes with a unique vertical structure surrounded by a dense ancient forest inside. The lush green forest is the home of various vegetations coming from the land above the cave.

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In this tour, you will go to deep down the cave up to 50 meters. There, you will be guided to walk inside the cave by taking a trek on a challenging muddy path. The sunray that lights inside the cave from above make the overall look of the place more beautiful. It is truly a hidden paradise you can find deep down a cave. After a challenging tour to Jomblang Cave, it is time to enjoy a beautiful sandy beach in Yogyakarta, Timang Beach.

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This pristine white beach is a great place to end your Yogyakarta tour. Stepping on the sand of the Timang Beach, you will be amazed by unusual rock formations around it. Soak your body in the warm water of the tropical beach and get relaxed. For a more enjoyable tour, you can explore the beach by riding a 4WD vehicle or taking a cable car. After visiting the beach, you will be dropped off to any location of your choice and the tour is over.


Day 01 : Keraton & Tamansari – Lava tour Merapi – Prambanan temple

– Pick up at hotel / requested location
– Yogyakarta city tour
– Explore Keraton & Tamansari Yogyakarta
– Transfer to Merapi area
– Lava tour Merapi activity by 4WD car
– Lunch
– Visit prambanan for sunset sightseeing
– Transfer back to hotel
– Check in hotel & free leisure

Day 02 : Jomblang cave – Timang beach

– Breakfast at hotel
– Transfer to Jomblang cave
– Jomblang caving activity
– Lunch
– Transfer to Timang Beach
– Visit Timang Beach
– Drive to Yogyakarta city
– Drop off service


– Private car (Full AC) during tour
– English speaking driver
– Petrol, parking & donation
– Mineral water during tour
– Entrance tickets ALL destination on program
– Temple Tour Guide (Borobudur & Prambanan)
– Local tour guide at Keraton
– 4WD car + driver to explore Merapi (lava tour)
– 4WD car shuttle service (Timang Beach)
– Safety equiptment (Jomblang Cave)
– Caving Instructor (Jomblang Cave)
– Pick up and drop off service
– Lunch day 2


– Personal expenses
– Travel insurance
– Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
– Accommodation

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6287755516005 –

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Prambanan Temple And Jomblang Cave Tour 2 Days