Best Reference Of 5 Days 4 Nights Of Tour Java Indonesia

Tour Java Indonesia – There are many ways to refresh your mind, body, and soul. One of the best ways is having a holiday tour with family or your loved ones. You may choose to have a tour Java Indonesia, then select the East Java Tour specifically or others. You can also choose to have a Java private tour if you need to be so private in your journey. 

Well, it is important to emphasize privacy when you are exhausted and in need of a really fun holiday tour. This article will give you a description of a 5-day East Java itinerary for you to consider. No worries. You can always contact us anytime to discuss the details. 

While reading through this article, you can plan the month and the date of your tour, and then consult them with our professional team. A long experience of holding Bali-Java tours for clients makes us understand more of what you need. Let’s check out these itineraries to see the big picture of your journey. 

The East Java Itinerary You Will Have with Family and Your Loved Ones

If you choose to have the 5 days East Java Itinerary, our team will make the tour not boring and unforgettable. We will take you to tourist destinations with various concepts. 

The first destination we will visit is Mount Bromo. This tourist destination is famous abroad. That’s why this mountain is visited not only by local tourists but also by foreign ones. The next journey will be exploring Batu City which has various interesting tourist spots. Here is the Java 5-day itinerary for you. 

Itinerary day 1 – Exploring Coban Rondo Waterfall + Labirint Park – Flora San Terra, then Angkut Museum

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On the first day, you will be picked up at the most convenient place for you and your first destination will be Coban Rondo Waterfall and Labirint Park, since those two spots are in the same area. 

Next, you will head to Flora San Terra. This is the most Instagrammable flower park in East Java. For those who love taking pictures and videos, this is the best place to create content for social media content. 

Being satisfied and enjoying the lovely spot, you will go to the hotel to have a rest, before continuing your exploration of the Angkut Museum. 

In the Angkut Museum, you can see various types of transportation from time to time. Starting from bicycles, and motorcycles to cars and other kinds of transportation. Moreover, there is much more entertainment shown in this museum. You will not be disappointed at all. 

Itinerary Day 2 – Apple Picking – Jatim Park 2 – BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

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After enjoying a tasty and cozy breakfast at the hotel, your first destination on this second day is the apple farm. You can pick as many as you want according to the rules applied there. Being satisfied, you will transfer back to the hotel to have some rest or leisure time. 

The next journey of the day would be BNS or Batu Night Spectacular. This tourist spot is only open at night. Its concept combines shopping centers, playgrounds, sports, and entertainment. Your evening will be well spent here in BNS. Then, you’ll return to the hotel and recharge your energy for tomorrow’s exploration.  

Itinerary Day 3 – Journey to Baloga and Dino Jatim Park 3

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Your first destination on this third day is Baloga or Batu Love Garden. This is an East Java Park Group’s park that brings the concept of a flowery playground that presents vegetables and fruits education with a cool and calming atmosphere. So, this is exactly what you need to visit if you are having a holiday tour with children. 

Your exploration will continue to Dino Park or well-known as Jatim Park 3. Be sure today you have good health and stamina since you’ll have a lot of walking activities during the day. You will return to the hotel to rest before going to Alun-alun or the city center of Batu, Malang to enjoy the evening. 

Itinerary Day 4 –  Going to the Souvenirs and Merchandise Center of Malang then Bromo Hotel

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This is the day when you will check out from the hotel you stay at in Malang. After having breakfast, you will head to one of the souvenirs and merchandise centers before heading to Bromo and checking in at a hotel there. Be sure you spend the time to enjoy, relax, and have enough rest because the next adventure might take a lot of energy. But, no worries. The amazement you’ll get is worth the effort. 

Itinerary Day 5 – The Last Day of Your Holiday Tour

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This is going to be your last day of the holiday tour. But, this will also be one of those memorable moments in your life, since you’re going to visit some fantastic places in Bromo. 

You will enjoy watching the sunrise, the popular sea of sand, the Bromo crater, the savannas, and the whispering sand. To visit those spots, you need to be ready at 3 a.m. So, please at least wake up 1 hour before to prepare yourself. Since the weather is cold, be sure you wear your sweater, jacket, socks, gloves (if necessary), scarves, and hat. 

For those who have never been to Bromo, this could be an extreme temperature. You also need to make sure you and your group (if you do the tour in a group) are in good health. The exploration in Bromo will be done mostly by foot. So, wear the right shoes that make you feel comfortable. 

Be ready with your camera as well, since the panorama will amaze you. So, don’t miss the chance to take pictures and videos. 

At approximately 9 a.m. the tour is finished. You will be transferred back to the hotel to take a shower, have breakfast, and get ready for checking out. Check your luggage so that you won’t skip, miss, or leave anything behind. Our team will drop you off in Surabaya. So, this is the end of your holiday tour. You may check-in at a hotel and continue your journey. 

Well, after reading the itineraries above, have you got a clear description of your tour Java Indonesia? You can contact us anytime and discuss the details as well as the tour Java Indonesia price. For your information, you can always suggest the destinations and time of your tour. Our team will adjust and set everything up ready for you.