Going To Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta In The Afternoon

Going to Prambanan Temple is one of the most popular options on any trip to Yogyakarta. Tourists like this temple because it has many interesting things to enjoy. It includes the history, architecture, and scenery surrounding this big temple complex.

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Explore the Ancient Beauty of Prambanan Temple in Indonesia

Enjoying Prambanan Temple

The tour is mostly scheduled in the afternoon. It is reasonable Because if you go to this place in the middle of the day, it is so hot. Therefore, many travel agencies advise you to bring an umbrella. You also can rent an umbrella at the location, but we recommend you not do that. Save more budget by bringing a small umbrella or wearing a hat.

The Prambanan Temple itself is famous as the largest Hindu ancient temple in Indonesia. You can find it Northeast of Yogyakarta, around several miles from downtown. This temple is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Prambanan temple complex consists of three main temples. Each of them was built to worship three Hindu deities, Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. In the past, you could climb and see the inside. But, currently, that act is forbidden to preserve the temple’s condition as it has deteriorated because of time.

Beautiful Scenery

The temple is surrounded by lavish green scenery. It makes the interior of the complex look mesmerizing, especially the main temples that stand 47 meters tall on top of a dirt floor. Enjoying the temple from the outside is enough for most people. Therefore, it is a good choice for the travel destination when you visit Yogyakarta.

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Captivating Sunsets at the Historic Prambanan Temple

This temple compound is so big. You need around 2 hours of walking to explore every part of this temple and see all three main temples. That is enough to give you a perfect tour for your visit to this temple. It would be better if you hire a guide. A guide will help you a lot to enjoy this place. Ask the guide about the history or anything that catches your attention.

Going to prambanan temple should not only be a visit to enjoy the view. You must also learn about its history. That will give you more insight and a different experience in Prambanan Temple visit. Without this information, you only get the.

As mentioned, most of the tour will schedule the tour to Prambanan Temple in the afternoon. There is a reason for this tour schedule. The scenery of Prambanan during sunset is the best. The sunshine that starts setting on the horizon shines on the temple beautifully. It looks like the temple shows its magic. The sunlight emphasizes the temple reliefs and architecture. You feel like returning to the past.

What to Bring to Prambanan Temple

The first thing you should prepare is proper clothes. Prambanan Temple is a sacred temple for Hindus. There is also a specific culture you need to follow when you visit this temple. The clothes you must wear are clothes that cover your shoulder and pants or a skirt that is below your knees. If you don’t have this kind of clothes, you can borrow a sarong at the gate.

Water and an umbrella are the other two essential things you should bring when you visit Prambanan Temple. Bring at least two bottles (500 ml) of water because you will need it during your exploration of the Prambanan Temple compound. An umbrella is also necessary, especially when you visit this temple during the dry season. Now, you are ready for your adventure in Yogyakarta. Going to prambanan temple won’t be a problem anymore.