Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Mount Ijen is the ring of the mount that is still active now. It located in the frontier between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Ijen has a unique thing, it has caldera with 5.466 hectare and the depth around 200 m. it is the large caldera in east Java. This is one of the factors that interested from Mount Ijen. There are many things that are very unique from kawah Ijen. One of them is Mount Ijen has the unique phenomenon. Ijen has the blue fire.

This phenomenon is very amazing, because there are two phenomenons in the world like this. One of those is in the Mount Ijen. This phenomenon could be look everyday around 2 AM until 5 AM in the morning. This phenomenon is the biggest phenomenon of blue fire in the world. The blue fire is the one of the unique things in this mount, because this phenomenon just happen in two places in the world, they are in the Islandia and Indonesia, especially in the Mount Ijen.

After that, many social media that publish this phenomenon. Many media tell about the unique things in Mount Ijen. This is the one of reason many visitors come to Banyuwangi to see it directly. It is make Banyuwangi is known by The Blue Fire’ Mount Ijen.

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