Mount Bromo Eruption 2016

Mount Bromo Eruption 2016


Bromo eruption on July 2016 gives many effects for economic, transportation and tourism.  But, an erupting Bromo has not stopped Tenggerese people from holding their yearly ceremony, which covered climbing to the edge of Mount Bromo’s crater and delivering offerings such as goats, chickens and vegetables to the Hindu Gods.

The ceremony happened  century. It is happened when a childless couple, the ancestor of the Tenggerese prayed to God to be given them children. After them prayed, God give them 25 children, but they victimized the youngest to God. Since that, once a year during the full moon, the Tenggerese hold the ceremony that is called Kasada Ceremony to reverence victimize of the youngest son of their ancestors.

In this year, although Mount Bromo is erupting and government urges the society to stay at least 1 km from the crater, the Tenggerese people have been ignored that. They still hold the Kasada Ceremony to give reference their ancestors. Many of Tenggerese people followed this ceremony and went to the Mount Bromo crater. They believe that Mount Bromo never endanger them. Also they believe that they do not hold the ceromy, the bad things will come to them, such as a failed harvest, a pandemic, or even worse. So, although the Mount Bromo still erupting, they still hold the ceremony.