Mount Bromo Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya 4D3N

Day 01 – Pick up from Surabaya

The tour consists of 4 days and we will make the most out of it for you. The first day will be the day when you arrive at Surabaya and our team will pick you up. The pick-up location is according to your preference. The driver will take you to the hotel near Bromo Mountain. The trip will take about 4 hours of driving. This is where you can enjoy the scenery of Tengger. The surroundings are interesting to be watched as well.

You better get rest because the next day will be started very early after all.

Day 02 – Sunrise at Bromo

As we have mentioned earlier, you will start the journey very early. At 3 in the morning, our team will pick you up at the hotel with a Jeep. The trip will take you to Penanjakan which is the spot where you will witness the stunning sunrise. The trip takes about one hour of driving on the sea of sands and hills everywhere.

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The golden hour is all yours once you have arrived at Penanjakan viewpoint. It would be one of the best experiences of witnessing the sunrise you have ever had. Fogs are commonly covering the valley and leaving the tip of Batok Mountain and Bromo Mountain peak above the clouds. The farthest thing behind those two mountains is Semeru Mountain, another volcano in Java Island, not to mention the highest one on the island. You can stay there up to 6.30 am because we will be leaving for Bromo Crater. You better not miss this opportunity to snaps some moments here.

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Later, the Jeep will take you to the Bromo Crater but the vehicle can only stop at the parking lot. You need to walk for one hour to see the crater from close. Before reaching the main destination, you will also need to tame 250 stairs. Once you have arrived on the ridge of the crater, you will see the active volcano from above. Also, you will realize that the volcano roars like the sound of a jet engine. The sound comes from fuming gasses from the bottom of the crater. Down there is where the pit hole of the caldera located.

At 8 am, you need to get back to the parking lot and go back to the hotel. The breakfast is ready for you. Later at 10 am, you will be leaving for Pronojiwo. Pronojiwo is a village close to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. You will be staying at the homestay to get rest and enjoy your free time. The next day would be another journey.

Day 03 – Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

The breakfast will be ready at 6.30 am because you will be prepared to explore the next destination, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. The journey may take three hours and you will explore the entire area of Tumpak Sewu. It is started with trekking through a tropical forest with Java Island’s landscape. During the trekking, you will witness how Semeru Mountain stands still so tall as the background.

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After 10 minutes of walking from the parking lot, the panoramic sight of the waterfall will be welcoming you. The waterfall looks like a silky-smooth curtain from above. Of course, you can see the waterfall from the foot of the waterfall as well.

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To get to its foot, you need to take a steep track which takes about 30 minutes. The route brings you to cross the river and steep hills. You should not miss the opportunity to take some snaps during the route. Also, you can make a brief stop to enjoy the magnificent waterfall.

After that, you can find a way to get out of the waterfall and head to the cave called Goa Tetes. Later, you may get back to the parking lot to have lunch and check-out from the homestay. The next thing is transferring to Banyuwangi. The trip takes about 7 hours of driving. After checking in to the hotel, you have your free time. We recommend you to rest because the next day will be pretty challenging.

Day 04 – Blue Fire at Ijen and Sunrise

You will start the journey at 00.30 am and the guide will wait for you in the lobby. He will drive you to the base camp so you can grab some coffee before starting the trekking. Follow your guide and hike the Ijen Crater with him. You need to take a steep slope with 3.5 kilometers of length. Normally, it takes 2 hours of walking. Once you have arrived at the rim, you will see the blue fire that only is available in Ijen Crater. The blue fire sparks in the dark and you will not be able to see them during the day. Also, you will stop and witness the sunrise along with the magnificent panorama of the biggest acidic lake in the world from 2,386 masl altitude.

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After that, you will go down the slope and get back to the base camp. The guide will drive you back to your hotel. The route from the base camp to your hotel is interestingly stunning. Some plantations and giant fern trees would be what you see during the 1.5 hours of driving to the hotel.

At 10 am, we will arrange the check out from the hotel so you can go directly to Bali. You may arrive at the hotel in the afternoon and join the activity according to the itinerary.


– Tax & Service
– Stay at Lava View Lodge / Bromo Permai 1 / Café Lava Hotel for 1 night
– Stay at Homestay Tumpak Sewu for 1 night
– Stay at Ketapang Indah Hotel / Aston Banyuwangi Hotel / Hotel Santika Banyuwangi for 1 night
– Breakfast at hotel
– Private full AC transport
– 4WD Jeep to Bromo
– Experience driver
– English speaking guide
– Visit to Tumpak Sewu waterfall
– Ferry boat ticket from Bali to Java
– Gas masks & headlamps (Ijen trekking)
– Petrol, Fee parking, & Donation

– Travel Insurance


– Entrance fee ticket to Ijen & Bromo
– Meals (lunch & dinner)
– Personal Expenses

– Customer service : Email / WhatsApp +6287755516005

(Destination and duration can be MODIFIED)

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Mount Bromo Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Ijen Crater Tour From Surabaya 4D3N