Yogya Prambanan Borobudur Sunrise Jomblang Timang Bromo Tumpak Sewu Kalibaru Ijen Tour 9D8N

Day 01 :  Arrival / Pick up from Yogyakarta to Prambanan temple

Our driver will pick you up from pick up location around 01:00 PM or adjusting your flight arrival and then we will visit Hindu Temple of Prambanan and Sewu Temples.

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Well guided by personal tour guide, not only exploring its beautiful and magnificent building but also history and culture origin from Java centuries ago. Prambanan Temple, as the largest temple Compounds represents not only an architectural and cultural treasure, but also a standing proof of past religious peaceful cohabitation. Lunch would be served at local restaurant. after tour, direct transfer to your hotel in Borobudur area.

Unlike Borobudur, Prambanan is more “safe” during busy hour. Though, it’s still crowded with people but you still be able to manage finding a space to enjoy the temple. *try to avoid wearing more open-looked clothes.

Day 02 : Borobudur temple sunrise & Merapi volcano view

04:30 AM In the morning our driver will take you to visit Borobudur A UNESCO world heritage site, the largest Buddhist monument built on 9th centuries. Borobudur not only has a very high artistic value, a great work as the evidence of human civilization in the past is also loaded with philosophical values.

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Raises the concept of Mandala that symbolized the cosmology of the universe in Buddha teachings. Exploring Borobudur, learn history and meanings of life value that carved and sculpted on the relief. Visiting Borobudur at early morning to enjoy its beautiful sunrise from temple’s summit and avoid crowds during busy hour for more enjoyable journey to Borobudur.

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Extra visit to Pawon and Mendut temple located nearby and are believed to have been built on one straight line with the Borobudur.

Sunrise tour sounds better than regular (though you have to pay more). Why? If you feel more enjoyable visiting Borobudur without crowds, this might be best option for you. Regular tour will be on busy hour of local tourist. There will be lots of local people stopping you and asking for picture (selfie, selfie! :D). yet, don’t worry, they do really love you! Perhaps, it’s a nice experience to mingle with Indonesian ;). *try to avoid wearing more open-looked clothes.

Afterwards, back to hotel to get breakfast and getting prepared for lava tour at merapi volcano. Leaving hotel at 09:00 AM, drive for 1 – 2 hours to nearest village from Merapi Volcano. Take an offroad jeep to explore foothills of the infamous Merapi Volcano, known for one of the most active Volcano. Driving up its foothills, passing trough abandoned villages after last major eruption on 2010. You may see several mini museum created by local and family from the abandoned village, to reminds devastating eruption from 2010. At the end of the road, have. Take several picture and enjoying amazing sight over Merapi from closest point. After tour, you will escorted to the Hotel at Yogyakarta City center. Have lunch at local restaurant, and arriving at Hotel around afternoon.

Day 03 : Jomblang cave & Timang beach

Start from the hotel after early breakfast at 07:00 AM, direct transfer to Jomblang cave for about 2 – 3 hours drive. Upon Arrival, getting prepared for caving activity. Handled and led by professional crew, you will start 50 meters rappelling down the vertical cave to its bottom. You will be lowered down in pairs to land at the bottom. Afterwards, well guided by the crew, start walking trough muddy and slippery path crossing horizontal cave “grubug”. You may enjoy unique vegetations around known as ancient forest. At the end of it, you will arrived at magical sinkhole within light comes trough from above. This, what’s people called light of heaven. Takes several pictures and enjoy your time being inside of this wonder. End of caving activity, returned at parking area, take shower and have lunch. Then proceed transfer to Timang Beach

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Jomblang cave is not a guarantee! There is no ticket’s reservation system. In one day, only 80 tickets are provided by the server. And it’s a go-show ticket only. Thus, you start from early morning from Yogya to get a spot! 😀 To enter the cave, first you must do rappelling down the cliff helped by expert. Then walk on a muddy path to get inside. *wear light clothes and bring clothes  change afterwards.

After 1 hour drive, you will arrived at Timang Beach shuttle point. Then you will take on 4WD car to the beach trough bumpy roads. Afterwards, feel the trhill riding a cable car to go on big rock 100 meters across the sea away from the shoreline. Not only providing an adventure, but it also serves enjoyable view of white sandy beach and rocky coast. Afterwards, back to hotel at Yogyakarta city. Rest and free leisure.

Day 04 :  Yogyakarta & Solo city tour

After breakfast, our driver will pick you up from your hotel and then we will take you to visit Sultan palace and Tamansari. Afterward continue the trip to Solo, it takes 3 hours drive from Yogyakarta.

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Arrive in Solo, we will visit Triwindu antique market. Lunch at local restaurant. After that continue the trip to the highland of Solo visiting Sukuh temple, known as the only erotic temple in Java. And then drive you to the hotel in Madiun city.

Sultan’s palace and Tamansari is a historical place. Some people would think it’s a sacred place. Try to wear light clothes but not too opened. Weather is hot and humid. Best time to visit is around 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM. There is possibility that you may see annual ritual done by (Abdi Dalem = people who serve the royal palace). *wearing batik (Indonesian traditional clothes might be not a bad thing to do). 😀

Day 05 : On the way to Bromo

After having breakfast at your hotel around 07:00 – 07:30 AM, our driver will pick you up then escort you to Mount Bromo area around 5 – 6 hours drive including stop on the way for lunch. Upon your arrival in Mount Bromo area, then check in at the hotel overlooks scenery of the active Bromo volcano, bromo sea of sand and Tengger mountains for your enjoyable stay.

Day 06 : Bromo sunrise & volcano

At 03.00 AM, 4WD Jeep will take you to mount Penanjakan, The sunrise viewpoint. Driving through sea of sand and hill side approximately 1 hour. From Mount Penanjakan, you will enjoy the golden hour while the sun rising, a breath-taking scenery during the sunrise. The usual fog often covered the valley down below, leaving the tip of mount Bromo and mount Batok peeking just above sea of cloud.

magneficent mount bromo Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packages

Mount Semeru at furthest behind standing tall as the highest volcano in Java. You may Enjoy this beautiful moment until 06.30. Capture the moment as much as you can before leaving to Bromo crater, 1 hour away drive descending the hill of mount Penanjakan with 4WD Jeep. Therefore, stop at parking area leaving the jeep behind and start to walk for 1 hour to see Bromo’s crater from up-close.

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The last part of walking, ascending the crater’s ridge on stairway with 250 steps uphill. Once you get to the crater’s ridge, you will witness the active Bromo volcano from above. It sounds like a jet engine as you hear the volcano roaring as result of fuming gasses from very bottom of the crater surrounded by “pit-hole caldera looks”. At latest 08.00 AM, back to parking area then drive back to hotel to get breakfast. Leaving bromo between 10.00 AM, directly drive to Pronojiwo (nearest village to tumpak sewu waterfall. Upon arrival, check in at Homestay, rest and free leisure until next program.

Bromo sunrise view point located south side across from Bromo Mountain. From this spot, you may have a sight of Bromo Tengger Semeru National park from above. The scenery is sunrise sightseeing, sea of sand at the bottom of the valley, Cemoro Lawang village, Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. As well as the highest volcano in Java, Semeru. Standing tall furthest behind as a background. *weather can be tricky, it’s cold and freezing before sunrise and hot and sunny during the day.

Day 07 : Tumpak Sewu waterfall

Breakfast at 06:30 AM and getting prepare to explore Tumpak sewu. Starting the journey, synonymously called an adventure! It takes 3 hours to explore the Tumpak sewu area. Trekking trough tropical landscape of Java Island within Semeru volcano standing tall as the highest Volcano in Java at Background.

view of tumpak sewu waterfall Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packages

10 minute walk from parking area, you will get a panoramic sight of the waterfall from above, a curtain of silky smooth waterfalls. Then you have an option to see the waterfall from its foot. Take steep path down for about 30 minutes, crossing rivers and various steep hills on the way. Take pictures and enjoy the amazing waterfall before proceed trekking on riverside to find your way out and visiting goa tetes (tetes cave). Returning at parking area, have lunch and check out from homestay. Afterwards, direct transfer to Kalibaru for about 5 – 6 hours drive. Upon Arrival, check in at hotel and free leisure.

For those who love Nature and Adventure. As the path to explore Tumpak Sewu Waterfall still basic, this might be requires good condition and fit enough to walk on slope. Walking up and down steep hill, trekking following river’s stream, surrounded by cliff side and rural tropical forest. You will soaking wet as water discharge from waterfall is so intense. *Prepare to get wet! 😀

Day 08 : Kalibaru coffee plantation

After Breakfast at 08:00 AM, start a short eco trip to visit plantations in Kalibaru area such as coffee, clove, cocoa, cinnamon and coconuts.

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It’s an enjoyable walk to feel the fresh air and relax. Often, you will enjoy unique attraction of local tradition making palm sugar. Then visit rubber factory nearby. Not just a factory, but it’s also historical site which built around centuries ago. Thus, you will learn a bit part of Indonesia history. Most of the building are kept by the local people to reminds connection between Indonesia and Europe centuries ago. Afterwrards, back to hotel and rest at the hotel until check out time. Then direct transfer to Banyuwangi, check in at hotel. Free leisure and rest for the next following program.

Day 09 : Ijen crater blue flames & sunrise

00.30 AM, meet your tour guide at hotel’s lobby. Then directly go to the base camp at Ijen mountain. The journey takes approximately 1,5 hours. Upon arrival, getting prepare or have a coffee-break before start the activity. After several preparations, start hiking to reach the rim of Ijen crater, ascending the slope for 3,5 Kilometers which normally takes 2 hours by walk.

ijen crater vocano Experience the Best of Bali and Java with Our Amazing Holiday Packages

From there, you will enjoy stunning blue fire, burning Sulfur that spews blue light in the dark. When the sunrises, resting on the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2386 meters and enjoy the best panorama of the world’s largest acidic lake with its magnificent turquoise colored water. After You enjoyed the natural scenery at Crater of Ijen and then descend the slope of Mount Ijen back to the base camp. Driving back to the hotel, you may enjoy forest scenery with unique giant fern trees and several coffee plantations on the way. Takes 1,5 hours of drive until we arrived at the hotel. Between 10:00 – 10:30 AM, checking out from hotel and go directly to your hotel in Bali. Arrive at your hotel approximately in the afternoon.

Blue fire is a nature phenomenon created by the burning sulphur, which can be seen during the night. Yet, it might be different every night depending on condition around such as humidity, wind’s direction and the heat from the sulphur itself. Thus, there is no 100% guarantee tourists would see it clearly. *this place is not recommended for people with asthma, heart attack or any other health problem at intermediate stage. Wear hiking shoes for more enjoyable trekking.


– Service & Tax
– Stay at Rumah Dharma Borobudur / Shankara Borobudur for 1 night
– Stay at Gallery Prawirotaman Yogyakarta / Ibis Styles Yogyakarta for 2 nights
– Stay at Aston Madiun Hotel for 1 night
– Stay at Lava View Lodge / Bromo Permai 1 / Café Lava Hotel for 1 night
– Stay at Homestay Tumpak Sewu for 1 night
– Stay at Kalibaru cottage / Margo Utomo Resort for 1 night
– Stay at Ketapang Indah Hotel / Aston Banyuwangi Hotel / Hotel Santika Banyuwangi for 1 night
– Breakfast at hotel
– Private full AC transport
– English speaking driver
– English speaking guide
– 4WD Jeep to Merapi & Bromo
– Jomblang cave & Timang beach adventures
– Visit Kalibaru coffee plantation
– Entrance Fee in all tourism objects
– Gas masks & headlamps (Ijen trekking)
– Petrol, Fee parking & Donation

– Travel Insurance


– Meals (lunch & dinner)
– Personal Expenses

– Customer service : Email balijavaholidays@gmail.com / WhatsApp +6287755516005

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