Yogyakarta Itinerary 3 Days

Yoyakarta is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. If you want to see and feel strong Javanese cultures, this town is a great place. Yogyakarta has a pretty pine forest, active volcanoes, and various cultural heritage that you can explore. Jogja is also a suitable tourist destination for you who want to travel on a budget. Here, you can find a lot of affordable food stalls that serve various tasty traditional foods. If you want to spend your holiday in this beautiful city, it will be better if you visit the city around April to October. So, your holiday will not be disturbed by rainy days. Below is the Yogyakarta itinerary for 3 days that you can follow.

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The First Day

Start your day by choosing and tasting 32 different kinds of sambal in Waroeng SS. Waroeng SS or Waroeng Super Sambal is a traditional restaurant that already has various branches in the country. But you must visit its original hometown; Yogyakarta. This traditional restaurant is famous for its 32 different kinds of sambal. Waroeng Spesial Sambal is open from 9 AM to 12 AM. Once you have enjoyed your breakfast, you can visit Pinus Pengger. It is located only an hour away from the city center. Pinus Pengger is a pine forest that has various unique structures made from trees. The best time to visit this place is in the morning or at noon where you can smell the fresh pine smell.

You can also take photos in wooden art installations in Pinus Pengger. Next, visit the magical Pintoe Langit Dahromo. This unique installation is inspired by a song titled Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin. In Pintoe Langit Dahromo, you will find long stairs that will bring you up to the sky. At the peak, you will find a white door that looks like a sky door. To close your first day in Yogyakarta, take a stroll in Malioboro at night. When you are in Malioboro, do not miss tasting traditional foods and coffee. You can also find various souvenir shops along this famous street in Jogja.

The Second Day

On the second day of your Yogyakarta tour 2 days, have an adventure inside the Jomblang Cave. Jomblang Cave is one of the most popular natural tourist spots in Yogyakarta. The middle area of this cave is very large and has a bright hole above it that creates an amazing ‘paradise light’ effect. Since it takes a lot of effort to reach the cave, Jomblang Cave is a great place for you who are an adrenaline junkie and love adventure. The best time to visit this cave is around 10 AM to 12 PM where you can see the bright hole. This tourist spot is 90 minutes away from the city center. So, make sure you wake up early in the morning to reach the cave.

After a heavy trekking in Jomblang Cave, get relaxed in Gua Pindul. You will be able to get a unique experience in this place because you can enjoy the fresh water while enjoying a beautiful landscape of karst stones. But if you want to pump up your adrenaline, you can try cliff diving. Then, have dinner in the House of Raminten. It is a unique restaurant that is filled with Javanese traditions. When you get into the restaurant, you will be welcomed with unique decorations. Try their signature dishes such as Ayam Koteka, Javanese fried noodle, and more.

The Third Day

When you travel to Yogyakarta, you should not miss Borobudur Prambanan Temple Tour. Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple are great places to enjoy the sunrise. Both of the temples are the iconic places in Southeast Asia. Borobudur Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia while Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Last, you can explore Merapi Volcano. This place is always included in Yogyakarta Tour Package. Get new knowledge in the Merapi Museum where you can know more about the explosion of the volcano a few years ago. You can explore the volcano by riding a Jeep. The tour is already completed with a private driver so that you can just sit down and enjoy the view.


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Yogyakarta Itinerary 3 Days