Yogyakarta Itinerary – A Complete Guide Of 3 Days Tour To Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Java Island, Indonesia. This city is a great place where traditions and modernity could blend perfectly in the daily life of the local people. Not only a cultural center of Java but the unique location of Yogyakarta – at the foot of the active volcano Mount Merapi – the city offers a lot of wonderful tourist attractions for visitors. If you are looking for a Yogyakarta itinerary idea, here is a guide of 3 days tour in the city.

# Day 1

On the first day of your Yogyakarta tour, you can manage to visit some of the most iconic places in the city.

Golden Sunrise Sikunir – Dieng Plateau

Make sure you include the Sikunir Hill on your Yogyakarta itinerary. Being located on the highland of Dieng Plateau – about 2263 meters above sea level – the hill is a great place where you can enjoy a spectacular sunrise with the background of Mount Slamet and Sindoro.

Lake Complex – Dieng Plateau

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After enjoying the golden sunrise Sikunir, you can extend your visit to the Dieng Plateau by enjoying the great view of Mirror Lake, Color Lake, and the viewpoint of Batu Pandang.

Arjuna Temple

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Arjuna Temple in Dieng is a complex of the temple for local Hindu people. It consists of several other temples include Semar Temple, Sembadra Temple, and Puntadewa Temple.

# Day 2

Your Yogyakarta itinerary on day 2 will be started with the plan to visit the magnificent Borobudur Temple.

Borobudur Sunrise

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Borobudur Temple is the main Buddhist temple in Indonesia. The size and the design of the temple will amaze everyone who sees it. The grand design Borobudur Temple makes UNESCO includes it as one of the world’s cultural heritage. Being situated on a high hill, Borobudur Temple is also one of the best places in Yogyakarta to enjoy the sunrise.

Kalibiru National Park

The next destination on day 2 of the tour is Kalibiru National Park. It is a lush of nature with a spectacular view and a peaceful environment. There, you can also enjoy fun outdoor activities such as trekking, flying fox, and enjoying great views of the park from treetops.

# Day 3

On the last day if this Yogyakarta itinerary, you will visit the other iconic spots of the city including:

Lava Tour – Mount Merapi

As one of the most active volcanoes on earth, Mount Merapi erupts almost every year. The last big eruption occurred in 2010 causing thousands of people to die. Lava Tour of Mount Merapi will provide you with a closer look at the impact caused by the last big eruption of the mountain.

Keraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace)

Keraton Yogyakarta is the current residence of Yogyakarta’s royal family. Being located in the center of the city, the palace is the home of Javanese cultural artifacts. If you are lucky enough, you can also watch traditional dances or witness cultural festivals held by the sultan.

Beringharjo Traditional Market

This traditional market is the best place where you can find artistic items made by local artists such as handicrafts, wooden sculptures, silver jewels, batik, keris, and more.

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Yogyakarta Itinerary – A Complete Guide of 3 Days Tour to Yogyakarta