Yogyakarta To Bromo By Train

Yogyakarta to Bromo by Train

Yogyakarta to Bromo by train is a good option for backpackers. It eases you to reach it. Bromo is one of the favorite tourist spots and destinations for most of the backpackers and tourists. Bromo Mountain offers some fun and amazing things when you visit there. Going to Bromo will never make you disappointed though it is located in Malang, East Java. If you want to have a tour and travel to Bromo in Malang from Yogyakarta to see the beauty of Bromo Mountain, you can take a route by train. Even, you can take tourism package including accommodation with the train.

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Yogyakarta to Bromo Via Malang

Firstly, you will go to Bromo Mountain from Yogyakarta by train. You should find the right train route and schedule. You can choose a route to Bromo via Malang. Select a train destination of Yogyakarta to Malang. The chosen train is Malioboro Express in which the ticket can be bought in Yogyakarta Station. This train route has two classes; economy and executive. It brings you to Malang from Yogyakarta at 10.15 pm and will arrive in Malang at 05.14 am. When you get Malioboro Express, you will drop in Malang Kota Station. There is another train choice for going to Malang.

You can buy a train ticket of Logawa or Sri Tanjung train in Lempuyangan Station. Both train routes are economy class. It means that you can save your budget for traveling to Bromo. But, you have to take a route to Surabaya or Bangil. After dropping to Bangil Station or Wonokromo Station in Surabaya, you should purchase a train ticket again. Buy Penataran train directing to Malang route. The ticket price is about Rp. 4.500,00. The trip of Penataran Train to Malang Kota Station takes 2 hours. The last ticket to go to Malang Station with this train is 08.00 pm. After that, you can find public transportations to go to Bromo.

Yogyakarta to Bromo Via Probolinggo

Yogyakarta to Bromo by train can be reached via Probolinggo. In Lempuyangan Station, you should find a train ticket for Probolinggo route. You can choose Logawa or Sri Tanjung Train. Both trains are economy classes actually so that the train tickets are very affordable. If you have a plan to go to Bromo from Yogyakarta, you need to order the ticket at least 2 weeks before your departure. It is caused that a ticketing system can be booked 90 days before the departure date. Sri Tanjung Train takes off at morning 06.00 am and Logawa Train goes to Probolinggo at 9.15 am. A trip to go to Probolinggo Station takes 11 hours. When you arrived in Probolinggo, you can find public transportation with yellow color directing to Bumi Ayu Terminal. The trip to go to terminal spends 15 minutes only.

After you arrived in a terminal, you can go outside the terminal. You’ll see a public transportation to go to Cemara Lawang. The vehicle is namely Bison. It usually accommodates 10 passengers. So, you must be patient to wait your turn. The trip with Bison spends time about 1.5 to 2 hours. It is rather cold. In Cemara Lawang, there will be many available jeeps. You can choose based on your budget to go to Bromo. Those are routes of Yogyakarta to Bromo by train.

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