Yogyakarta Tour Package From Singapore

Yogyakarta Tour Package from Singapore

Yogyakarta is more known by Jogja or Yogya. The one of interested destination in Indonesia, It is the city that have many historical stories. They still conserve their ancestor’s trades. Besides, Yogyakarta has many places that must be known by tourist. It has cultural, temples, shop places and the natural destination that can attractive local and foreign tourists. This place keeps the unique trades that cannot find in other destination places in Indonesia.

Now, Yogyakarta is the one of destinations in Indonesia that must be visited by the visitors. In every year, many tourists come to this place to spend their holidays with family or with their couple. If Bali has the beautiful beach, Yogyakarta has too. Yogyakarta has the beautiful temples that have many historical stories. One of the temples in Yogyakarta is the wonders of the world; it is Borobudur Temple. It is the big Buddish Temple in Indonesia.

Many ways to you to reach Yogyakarta, you can through Bali or other country. For example from Singapore, you can directly fly from Singapore to Yogyakarta. You do not need to transit in Jakarta to reach Yogyakarta. So, it is easier for the tourist, also it is cheaper. The other way is you can organize the trip with agencies to arrange trip to Yogyakarta from Singapore.

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