Yogyakarta Travel Itinerary

Yogyakarta Travel Itinerary

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Yogyakarta Travel Itinerary – What to See and Do? Speaking about Indonesia tourism, Yogyakarta is quite iconic. Being located on Java Island, Yogyakarta has many beautiful, adventurous, and historical places to visit. Not to mention the culinary options that will make you feel more in love with the city. Interested in visiting Yogyakarta and need help to arrange your visit? Here is the Yogyakarta travel itinerary tour to make the most out of your holiday in this special district. 

Day 1 – Visiting Keraton Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is actually a small kingdom that becomes a part of a republican country, making it has a special position in the Indonesian Administration. Being led by a “sultan” or king, Yogyakarta has an official name “the Special District of Yogyakarta”. The sultan and his family live in a keraton, a traditional palace of Yogyakarta. Keraton Yogyakarta itself adopts a Javanese architecture and is filled with amazing traditional carvings and historical items. The traditional palace also has some elements of European architecture added here and there. The influence of European style in the palace architecture is a result of Dutch colonization in the region in the past. Keraton Yogyakarta is also the place where the royal family holds traditional ceremonies that usually involve traditional dances, “gamelan” music, and other beautiful traditions. So, if you want to learn about Javanese traditions and cultures, Keraton Yogyakarta is one of the best places to visit. After exploring the traditional palace, you will continue the tour to “Alun-Alun” Yogyakarta. It is a kind of city park where tourists and local people gather to enjoy the atmosphere. It is also the place where the iconic Malioboro, Yogyakarta’s traditional market is located. The later in the night, the more people come to Alun-Alun.

Day 2 – Enjoying the Grandeur of Borobudur Temple

The second day of this Yogyakarta travel itinerary is a visit to the famous Borobudur Temple. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and protected by UNESCO. Being included as the World Heritage Site, Borobudur is also one of the World’s Seven Wonders. Borobudur has a grand architecture that has amazed and attracts millions of tourists to visit it. The temple was built by Sailendra Dynasty in the 9th century and has become a place where Buddhist people from around the world gather to hold a religious ceremony every year. From Borobudur Temple, the tour will continue to Prambanan. It is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia with a history that can be dated back to 850 AD. This is a grand complex where a series of temples that vary in size spread all over the area. The Prambanan complex has a lot of temples that local people also call it “Thousand Temples”. Legend says that Prambanan Temple was built by a prince named Bandung Bondowoso with the help of spirits. According to the same legend, the temple was created as a requirement from a princess named Roro Mendut when Bandung Bondowoso proposed to her. The princess asked him to build a thousand temples in one night before marrying her. But, when a thousand temples were almost finished, the princess made a trick to stop it. The prince, after learning that he was tricked, turned the princess into the thousandth temple. After exploring the complex of Prambanan Temple, the trip will continue to Ratu Boko Temple. This is another must-visit temple in Yogyakarta with great beauty. Located on a hill, Ratu Boko Temple has a spectacular view with Prambanan as the background, making it a perfect place to enjoy a sunset from altitude. End your second day of the tour by having an enjoyable night shopping around Malioboro Street. Here you can buy souvenirs, traditional clothes of Yogyakarta, carvings, handicrafts, batik, and other unique things related to Yogyakarta.

Day 3 – Visiting Goa Jomblang

It is a time of adventure. On the last day of this Yogyakarta travel itinerary tour, you will visit Goa (Cave) Jomblang. The tourist spot has a large series of caves hidden in the deep of an ancient forest, located 90 minutes away from Yogyakarta. Goa Jomblang is 80 meters deep and you can only reach the cave by using a pulley operated by skillful and experienced operators. Visiting Goa Jomblang is a thrilling experience and will be perfect the most if you love adventurous things. Don’t forget to bring your camera to Goa Jomblang and take pictures of the cave’s spectacular views.

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Yogyakarta Travel Itinerary