Yogyakarta Itinerary 4 Days

Exploring the Wonderful Yogyakarta with the Package of Yogyakarta Itinerary 4 Days. To be the popular tourism paradise in Indonesia, Yogyakarta never stops to visit by tourists, both local and international tourists. Though Yogyakarta is famous for a cheap tour city, it needs to concern the right Yogyakarta tour package to enjoy the wonderful experience during vacation in Yogyakarta. When you want to have a holiday in Yogyakarta, you must have a good itinerary plan and use your time and budget effectively. With Yogyakarta itinerary 4 days, you will enjoy the best tour experience that you’ll have in Yogyakarta.

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Day 01 : Transfer to Yogyakarta for Check – In

Both local and international tourists can order this Yogyakarta tour package with 4 days itinerary with full of joys. When you choose this package, you are enjoying the high-end services. You will arrive at a Yogyakarta International Airport in KulonProgo. After you arrived, the tour travel crew is waiting for you. The professional crew is picking you up in YIA, KulonProgo in which it is a kind of excellent service of the tour package. The crew is transferring you to go to the hotel. The chosen hotel has been included in the tour package initially. It can be a five-star, four-star, two-stars, one-star hotels, guest houses, or inns. Then, you will go to the local restaurant for dinner for the first time. The chosen restaurant is included in the package as well. It provides some delicious traditional Jogja foods that you can eat for dinner. After finishing your dinner in that local restaurant, it is time to get back to the hotel. You will check in the chosen hotel. You can get free at leisure. You can do anything that you want in the hotel until the next morning before exploring the beauty of Yogyakarta.

Day 02 : Borobudur Temple – Kaliadem – Shopping Tour Yogyakarta

Today in Yogyakarta will bring you to enjoy the wonderful experience of the Yogyakarta tour package for 4 days. There are three itinerary lists that you can visit on the second day. The first itinerary is going to Borobudur Temple, Magelang. It is one of the world’s heritage and the biggest Buddhism temple in the world. You are going there by bus to a large group or travel. The trip is started in the early morning so that you move to explore the next itinerary. In this temple, you will learn much more about the philosophy and history of Buddha. You can see the beautiful reliefs on the temple walls telling meaningful history about the past life of the kingdom. You may capture the photos of reliefs or the temple. If you get tired of exploring this huge temple, you can take a rest on the Borobudur temple hall under the trees.

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Kaliadem becomes one of Yogyakarta itinerary 4 days lists. This destination is visited after you are satisfied enjoying the beauty of Borobudur temple. Kaliadem is located on the slope of Merapi Mountain, in Sleman in which it is one route of Borobudur Temple so that you don’t waste time. It is a nature tourism destination offering a wide area of pine forest. You can capture photos in Kaliadem with a background of Merapi volcano. It is a marvelous view that you see in this spot. Kaliadem is also often to be a spot for pre-wedding and photography activities because it has a magical natural view. After the time is ended, it is time to back to Yogyakarta for lunch. Then, it is continued to shopping time. You can spend your money on shopping batik, the silver home industry in Kotagede, and Malioboro Street. You have the time for shopping until dusk so that you should use your time wisely. Before coming back to the hotel, you will have dinner in the chosen local restaurant. The restaurant offers a varied menu list that you can order for having dinner. After completing the dinner, you are back to the hotel and taking a rest until the next morning.

Day 03 : Solo City and Prambanan Temple Tour

The third day is continuing your trip to Yogyakarta package tour. You don’t explore the area of Yogyakarta only. You are touring to the sisterhood city of Yogyakarta, Solo City. Your tour is started in the early morning. After you have breakfast in the hotel, then you are transferring to Solo City. You are exploring Solo today. You will go to Solo with a bus or travel. In Solo, you are visiting the Mangkunegaran Palace. The palace is located in the center of Solo City. It has a wide hall that can be used to be a spot for selfie or wefie photo shoots. The surrounding area of Mangkunegaran Palace is close to some local restaurants. You can taste some Solo traditional foods there. If you want to buy foods or natural sources, you can go to Legi Market located close to this palace. After it has satisfied with the exploration of Mangkunegaran Palace, you are going to Klewer Market, a trademark of Solo City. You can shop for clothes and batik in this market. It is one of the biggest markets in Solo often visited by tourists.

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After the duration time of the tour in Solo is ended, your trip is continuing to go to Klaten Regency. In this regency, you are visiting a big weaving factory. It is a center of traditionally woven fabric from Klaten that you can buy. It sells various kinds of woven fabric products suitably to be a souvenir to bring home in which all are handmade. Then, your trip is continued to see Prambanan Temple. Before traveling there, you will have lunch in the local restaurant in Klaten. After having lunch, it is time to visit the most beautiful Hinduism temple, Prambanan. It has a very large area of Prambanan Temple. You must prepare your physics and energy because you are walking fair long to reach the main temple of Prambanan. It has many natural beauties that you can see in this temple area. You are not finding the same things that you get in the other tourism object regarding the view side and scenery hypnotizing all tourists coming to this Prambanan temple. You also can visit Sewu Temple similarly located in the complex of Prambanan Temple. Because you come to the temple almost dusk, you can see the exotic sunset view in this Prambanan Temple. It is the most precious experience of the tourists so that it is worth to miss it. While waiting for sunset time, you may walk around the complex of the temple because it provides a green park full of beautiful flowers. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs sold by sellers in the shopping corner in the area of Prambanan Temple. Your trip today is ended by having dinner in the local restaurant providing delicious traditional food menus. After that, you are back to the hotel for leisure and taking a rest to recharge your stamina during the free time.

Day 04 : Yogyakarta City Tour – Departure

Today is the last day of the Yogyakarta itinerary 4 days list. It is the end of your trip to Yogyakarta. After having breakfast in the hotel, you can pack your stuff in the hotel room before leaving it. Then, you will check out a hotel. Yogyakarta tour package is continued to explore another beauty of Yogyakarta. Because it is the end of your trip, you are only visiting Sultan Yogyakarta Palace. In this palace, you are learning many more cultures and philosophy of Java. Even, you can enter the area of the palace to see the inside area. If you are lucky, you are seeing the substitution of Abdi Dalem and traditional dance practice in the palace. Inside the palace, you can see the museum saving some historical stuff. It is allowed to take photography in both museums and the palace. Exploration of the palace is included in the trip to Taman Sari, a water castle ruin in which it was a bathing spot of Kingdom’s princess and King’s family members. It becomes the coziest place for them. You can see a traditional kingdom pool and ancient high walls with the unique architecture of the Yogyakarta kingdom. For the tourists loving photography, you can do it in this tourism spot. After that, you can have lunch in the chosen local restaurant. You can taste the traditional Jogja food for the last time before departure. After having lunch, you are transferring to Yogyakarta International Airport for your next trip and tour destination. Our professional crew is transferring you and the group until reaching to the airport safely.

This Yogyakarta Tour Package surely takes 4 days only with 4 itinerary lists. It takes a few days but it gives the most joyful and memorable experience during the exploration of Yogyakarta and the surrounding tourism area. Four days are enough to take a peek of the beauty of Yogyakarta. You can choose this tour package in a small or large group. If you choose this package in a larger group, it will get the cheaper price of the package. Our travel and tour package gives the best service with the perfect itinerary lists for 4 days. It has been selected carefully to fulfill the tourists’ interests. Of course, we serve professionally by bidding the right current market for tourists. We also proffer the most affordable cost for the Yogyakarta itinerary 4 days list. You can compare it to the other travel and tour packages from the other travel agents. It is helpful to get the most promising Yogyakarta tour package for your holiday.


Yogyakarta Tour Package 4 Days

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Yogyakarta Itinerary 4 Days