Yogyakarta Tour Package 4 Days

Yogyakarta Tour Package 4 Days

Enjoying the Yogyakarta Tour Package 4 Days!

Yogyakarta is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia. It welcomes both local and foreign tourists very well with its uniqueness all over its culturally rich environment. There are many great spots and places to visit within the proximity of Yogyakarta. It means that proper planning before visiting the city of Gudeg is important. It is possible to enjoy Yogyakarta by embarking on a wonderful Yogyakarta tour package 4 days.

The tour package includes several privileges to enjoy by tourists all along the holiday in Yogyakarta. Within the privileges are 3-night hotel stay, private transport with air conditioner, English speaking driver, breakfast, tax and service, and all sorts of fee for transport, parking, and entrance to some of the best spots around. Things that tourists will need to cover include travel insurance, lunch and dinner, and various personal expenses. It is recommended to always bring cash in local currency to make it easier whenever a payment is required for anything.

The Yogyakarta tour package 4 days starts at the airport of Yogyakarta following the arrival of the tourists. The pickup service will be there to eventually go to the area of Prambanan Temple for the first place to visit on the first day of the tour. This includes a visit to Sewu Temple as well as Ratu Boko Temple because they are all very close to each other. The sunset view in Ratu Boko is a great view to enjoy before finishing the first day and heading to the hotel to rest.

The second day of the tour is the time to go north to the famous Borobudur Temple as well as the Dieng Plateau. The temple is among the UNESCO world heritage sites that originated from the 8th century. It has 7 terraces to the top that displays the steps to reach Nirvana. Mendut and Pawon temple will be extra while visiting Borobudur because they are close by. The whole complex of Borobudur temple is huge under a hot tropical sun so it is better to stay hydrated at all times while wandering around.

The next place to go for the second day of the Yogyakarta tour package 4 days is Dieng Plateau. The view between Mount Sindoro and Sumbing to enjoy along the way to reach the plateau is just awesome. The spot is about 2.000 m above the sea level with temple ruins around the proximity. The cold weather of the place with mist covering the shrouded mountains and an extinct volcano create a very enjoyable experience.

The third day is the time to experience the Jomblang Cave adventure at Gunungkidul. It takes about a 2-hour drive from the city center of Yogyakarta to reach the place. The cave is a vertical one with 50 m of its diameter and about 60 m to 80 m of the overall vertical sides. At the bottom of the cave is a forest-like area that is just marvelous. The inside of the cave is a very decent area to take some beautiful photos. That is the only destination for the third day of the tour though because of the long drive to get there and to return to the hotel.

The last day of the tour is just a closing day. Following the 3-day of an enjoyable tour to some of the most popular spots in Yogyakarta, it is time to depart. Right after the breakfast served by the hotel, it is time to check out. The driver will take the tourists to the airport to finish the service of the Yogyakarta tour package 4 days that is nothing but enjoyable.

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Yogyakarta Tour Package 4 Days


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