Yogyakarta Tour Package 5 Days

Yogyakarta Tour Package 5 Days

Yogyakarta Tour Package 5 Days to Experience the Beauty of Jogja

There are many spots and corners to visit and enjoy in Yogyakarta. Some of them are very popular while the rest of them are somewhat hidden within the local nature. It can be a challenge to take a holiday trip to Yogyakarta without taking one of the many tour packages offered by tour and travel agents in Yogyakarta. Yet, it is always better to have everything planned properly by registering on a tour package like the Yogyakarta tour package 5 days for the maximum enjoyment of the holiday.

The city of Yogyakarta is full of all sorts of things that will accommodate different personal preferences in having a vacation. There are natural wonders, historical places, modern spots, and many more to choose from its never-ending list of beautiful destinations. More importantly, the locals are very friendly and welcoming to tourists as long as they are following the local guidelines. Anyway, the 5 days tour package will be enough to get a glimpse of Yogyakarta.

The start of the Yogyakarta tour package 5 days is the arrival at the official airport of Yogyakarta. The city has a new airport that is a lot bigger and better than the old one. It remains under construction but it has been functioning since the core sections have been finished. The driver will be waiting at the airport to go to the temple complex of Prambanan and Sewu. Ratu Boko will be the last place to visit on the first day of the tour with sunset view as its main attraction. The next thing to do is to go to the reserved hotel to have a rest and the tour will continue the next day.

Day 2 of the tour will venture to another temple complex of Borobudur followed by Mendut and Pawon. This temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Apart from enjoying the reliefs around the temple, there are not many things to see though. The next part of the second day is the better one. Dieng Plateau is the place to visit which is about 2.000 meters above the sea. The cold weather and bright mist around the area delivers an enjoyable atmosphere in the middle of a tropical area like Indonesia in general.

The third day of the Yogyakarta tour package 5 days will be the time to enjoy Yogyakarta city for real. Kaliurang is the first place to go in the morning to enjoy the cold breeze of air around the southern slope of Mount Merapi. It is a popular place that even the locals love to visit and just enjoy nature. Gardu Pandang is the place to go which is a kind of viewpoint to observe the surrounding areas as well as zooming towards the magnificent active volcano of Mount Merapi.

Finishing up the third day after enjoying Kaliurang is to wander around the city center of Yogyakarta. There are numerous spots to visit like nowhere else. That includes the Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water Castle, Museum Kereta, Museum Sonobudoyo, and Ngasem traditional market that are all in a very close circle. It is recommended to also visit the Pasty pet market as well as Kotagede. Kotagede is the center of silversmith in Yogyakarta while also the place of a lot of batik arts and crafts. Returning to the hotel is the next thing to do to prepare for the next day.

The fourth day of the Yogyakarta tour package 5 days is the time to enjoy another natural wonder. It starts quite early in the morning at 7 at most due to the long drive to reach Jomblang Cave at Gunungkidul. After an approximately 2-hour drive to the southeast from the city center, there is a magnificent vertical cave called Jomblang Cave. The main diameter of the cave is 50 meters wide which allows tourists to get inside and enjoy the beauty of nature. This is the only destination for the day on the tour.

Lastly to finish the tour package is just to have a rest after enjoying the wonderful Jomblang Cave. The following day the driver will drive back to the airport after finishing the breakfast provided by the hotel. All in all, those places included in the Yogyakarta tour package 5 days are all pretty awesome that should not be missed at all when having a holiday in Yogyakarta.

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Yogyakarta Tour Package 5 Days


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